Ex-Modern Warfare man Bowling on why he didn't join Respawn

Former Modern Warfare community man Robert Bowling has revealed why he chose not to join the exodus to former bosses Zampella and West's new outfit Respawn following his departure from Infinity Ward earlier this year.

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Agent Smith2391d ago

Zampella and West probably didn't let him into their secret club.

OneAboveAll2391d ago

Not sure what it is but there is something about Bowling's face that makes me want to punch it.

FlashXIII2391d ago

He can't help it if he has an (american)football head!

lastdual2391d ago

Human Element sounds interesting, but if it's not coming until 2015, I'd say Bowling is seriously jumping the gun by announcing it now.

CarlosX3602391d ago

Actually, no. With the rise of Crowdfunding via Kickstarter and other indie games coming out... Robert's timing is immaculate. More than that, Robert is more or less banking on the niche's rising. Since RE6 is coming out, Black Ops 2 coming with Zombies, and other zombie games coming out between now and 2013.

lastdual2391d ago

2015, not 2013.

I guarantee you, RE6 and BLOPS2 will be really old news by 2015. It's hard to maintain the hype when a game is that far out.

Renewing interest in a game that was announced long ago is usually harder than building interest in a new one, which is why you don't typically see many games announced so far in advance (unless they're by Square Enix...).

CarlosX3602391d ago

lastdual, gee, must you argue back with me? I mean, gee, I think you don't understand that release dates are subject to change.

This is a INDIE developer, that means they're limited in publishing, and developing games, so I don't think we're going to see a giant-sized game like you pick up at retailers. I think this will be more like a download title on PSN/XBA.

dubt722391d ago

Hell, how many years ago did they announce Aliens Colonial Marines? At least 4, right?

rickybadman2391d ago

People love to shit on Bowling and calling his "creative strategist" title a glorified community manager but West, Zampella and the rest of the leads at the original IW would always talk highly of the job Bowling was doing, and out right would say that the information he relayed from the COD community effect gameplay decisions. And I hope this game is ridiculously successful, after having to deal with Activision management and the winners in the COD community, he deserves it