Sony's five biggest E3 triumphs -

CVG : With just a few days left until the show kicks off we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and recount some of their E3 triumphs with you. First up is Sony, which wowed is in years gone with a down-and-dirty debut, exclusivity deals and a little bit of deception.

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TheLyonKing2360d ago

Yeah those were triumphs though I am not convinced by the Killzone one still.

NastyLeftHook02360d ago

better add 2012 e3, it wll be a triumph

DivineAssault 2360d ago

The 360 might not have sold as much had it not been for its failure rate & the same ppl repurchasing it. My slim model works fine now but my 1st 360 got the RRD.
PS3 using Blu ray, free online, PS Plus being WORTH the annual fee, & its exclusives makes it the best current console in my eyes.. Nearly every E3 event they take the trophy to me by announcing more new ips than anyone else