Party App on PS VITA More Powerful Than You May Have Thought

"Did you know the title of the app "party" actually means what it says? It has not been advertised really at all, but you can actually buddy up with friends and jump into parties for select games! Resistance: Burning skies is one of those games too!"

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DialgaMarine2386d ago

So essentially this app is more useful than 360's party function? Or are they just the same? Not a big deal either way, but it rules out X game chat as an Xbox console exclusive now that it's made it to the Playstation platform. :)

joeorc2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

"So essentially this app is more useful than 360's party function? Or are they just the same? "

this can explain it very well for those that have not used it or not used the function since the first xbox.

Xbox Live Party Chat – The Death of Conversation within the Game Lobby

Party Chat is a boosted form of what the original Xbox dashboard spawned all those years ago, except it has had the possibly unintentional effect of turning a once bristling game lobby full of chatter (good and bad) into a completely silent one. This of course is not always the result, you may hear the moans of a teenager being told off by their parent for playing too long, the screams of some moron who believes it is funny to shout down the microphone or if you are lucky – a few gamers to strike up a conversation with.
Party Chat creates a private area for friends to gather, even if they are all participating in different gaming titles. It is a marvellous feature there is no doubt about it, but the team spirit and aural communications we enjoyed have now become more of a rarity as gamers simply stay within the confines of their friends list. A team will simply include a mixture of individuals with no microphone plugged in, a selection within different Party Chat areas and one or two brave enough to particulate in the actual business of sharing crucial game information.

As you can see some of these FREELANCE JOURNALIST's will complain about everything. God it's a good function. I just wish many of JOURNALIST's in today's gaming media just enjoy the extra's for what they were, not what you can always nit pick about the function and blow that problem way out of preportion.