Is Microsoft Grasping At Straws Now?

We're getting a new Gears Of War game. While this wasn't unpredictable at all, it does raise the question of quality. It seems all too common these days developers would rather stick to sequels, pumping out expansion packs at $60 a pop and then raking in the cash with DLC. But it only continues to push the boundaries, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. This follows a pattern that was set by Halo, Microsoft is more than ready to continue development on series' long after the original developers think the time has come to let the franchise die and move on.

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NYC_Gamer2384d ago

MS is just shifting support over to the next console that should be announced next year

BlindGuardian2384d ago

milking in not the problem, the problem is having too few cows to milk

because if you create new cows then you can milk them in the future

palaeomerus2384d ago Show
DigitalRaptor2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Amusing to see palaeomerus back to his old tricks.

Talk smack about Sony's exclusives all you want. It has zero impact on the millions who love these games and IPs. Just cause they don't sell Halo, Uncharted or Gran Turismo numbers, and aren't household names means little to people who call themselves gamers.

"Few gamers" cared about Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Okami and Beyond Good & Evil but no, i'm sure that those aren't beloved games... Surely... /s

user54670072384d ago


What are you talking about..."few gamers care about"

Hell they could announce MediEvil 3 and I would buy it day 1.....and that game franchise was back on the PS1. I still care for it

Kinect2384d ago

lmao so true. I don't blame MS if the fans want more gears, then why not just like PS fans are waiting for UC4 and Sony will definitely provide it.

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rmedtx2384d ago

That's probably right NYC. But that doesn't mean they should stop supporting the 360. I'm sure a lot of people will want to keep it for some time before they can buy a 720. I hated when MS did that to the original Xbox. I was very disappointed...

MrMister2383d ago

Wow, such amazing insight you must have. I didn't know u worked there.

Snookies122384d ago

Lol, it's not only Microsoft... Still, they do need to learn when to let a series end gracefully. Halo 3 should have been the end to the Halo series, not saying Reach wasn't good, but now they're talking about making 3 more games? At a certain point it IS just milking it and there's no denying that whether you like a series or not.

Chuk52384d ago

So when the eventual MGS5 comes out will you say the same?

Snookies122384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Probably yes, MGS 4 is where it should end. They had the perfect ending to the series.

This coming from someone who loves MGS almost as much as the GOOD Final Fantasy games.

Ethereal2384d ago

MGS5 will not be about snake. I agree that it ended perfectly and his story should remain complete.

fermcr2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

How many Ratchets are there ? (a lot)

God of War ? (2 on PS2, 2 on the PSP, 4 on the PS3 including collections and new GOW)

Mario Brothers ? (to many to count)

Final Fantasy's ? (to many to count)

Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA, etc ? (a lot)

If the games are good, gamers will purchase them. Are there to many Halo's? No. There are gamers that want more.

Milking is a stupid word used by people that have no idea of what is business.

Genghis2384d ago

Totally agree. All companies like to make money. As long as they think it's something that the public will buy and hopefully enjoy, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NOT RELEASE ANOTHER SEQUEL???

iistuii2384d ago

Absolutely, if nobody bought them, they'd stop making them.Gears & Halo are great games that I & obviously millions of others can't get enough of, bring em on I say.

ChunkyLover532384d ago

So Microsoft needs to learn how to let a series die, but Sony doesn't? Your okay with God Of War 4? Uncharted 4? Killzone 4? Ratchet And Clank 5? or an Infamous 3? How are those not milked by your definition?

If people want the games, let them have the games. I honestly think people are more upset because they know it'll be a quality Xbox 360 exclusive that will sell well, than because they think the franchise is milked.

The only franchises close to being milked are COD, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Fifa and Madden. Even so, they still come out with solid titles for those series from time to time.

GribbleGrunger2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

i agree. if there's a market then feed it. i never understand this type of thinking. i never have and i never will. it's the same as when people want 'changes' to a game. you buy a particular game BECAUSE you know what you want and you know what you like, not because you want a different experience!

there is a slight 'but' though. i think the problem is that MS are RELYING too much on Halo and Gears. i don't think there's anything wrong with milking a franchise if there are other first party choices to be made.

Snookies122384d ago

That's exactly why I said "Microsoft isn't the only one".

HarryMasonHerpderp2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I think the problem with halo is that they released
to many games in a short time,they should spread it out a bit more.

As for MGS it ended on a high note with MGS4 let
it stay that way we don't need an MGS5.
Although i would still buy it anyway haha! hypocrite much!

BlackTar1872384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

yea if MGS4 was the last one i would be happy.



I wanted snake to die. i wanted ti to end when he didn't die i was sad. I love the game i love the charcter have for years but he was set to go and they didn't go thru with it.

@ harry yea i know :( i just kinda wanted to see it end or hear it . Just thougth MGS4 was such a masterpiece to a long time fan that it was enough to see it be the last Snake Adventure on HD consoles. Whatever though it's not like i won't play new ones :) just thought they had a chance to cap off an amazing thing with the amazing game is all

HarryMasonHerpderp2384d ago

Yeah but...


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER! he didn't have long left after all with fox die... =( SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

HarryMasonHerpderp2384d ago

Yeah kojima has said himself he wanted to kill snake off many times but he just couldn't do it!

I just hope they leave snake now and concentrate
on grey fox the cyborg ninja or big boss.
They could have epic storys with those guys!

aviator1892384d ago

Honestly, if the gamers enjoy further installments, what's the harm? They're just making the people who like those franchises happy. It' simple: if you want to buy it, buy it. if you don't want to buy it, don't.

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Hicken2384d ago

Explain. Or are you just saying that because somebody's questioning Microsoft and you don't like that?

ALLWRONG2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

All you have to do is read it. It's obvious damage control from some commenter here.

Hicken2384d ago

I don't know if I see it as damage control. What damage is the author trying to minimize? He makes a couple of assumptions- that it will likely entice fans but perhaps not be so appealing to the rest of us- but it's not like he's taking fanboy-motivated shots at Microsoft.

I wouldn't say it's the most articulate of articles, but it's not necessarily wrong, especially from the perspective of someone like me, who's very curious to see if Microsoft is going to give me enough reasons to want to buy a second system.

kevnb2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

its the state of the console industry right now. Too much reliance on market research on new ips, and way too worried about presenting some epic cutscene heavy plot that probably wont make any sense.
Why cant they learn from dark souls? From software did something they were passionate about, didnt waste millions of dollars on voice acting and other silliness, didnt slap us all in the face with a story but still had one (most gamers dont even care about story, but many do).

Ethereal2384d ago

Sony continues to investing in new IPs. The last of us comes to mind with others such as david cage's new title. Although I agree, more risks should be taken. This generation will be remember for the mass FPS's unfortunately.

vallencer2384d ago

The problem with taking risk are that no one, aside from you or me and some other people, will support the risk. People claim they want new different games and when something does come out no one supports it. Look at kingdoms. Yes I know it plays like other games but it is a new ip. And now the company is closed. Its a shame to see.

Ethereal2383d ago

You make a valid point. This topic can spawn an entirely new conversation of the "gamer" of today. I always look for new interesting IP's as I feel they push the industry forward. Too bad there are so few of us real gamers that respect games as a artistic medium left...

Grimhammer002384d ago

The problem isn't whether a game after many iterations should keep pumping out sequels....

The problem is when the central premise and characters no longer have anything meaningful to say. It's like books or movies......don't make a sequel unless you aim to be better than the original.
Often that means that the sequel is lucky to be as good as the original.

With's not going to get better than great. Same applies to Halo.

What's worse is that many games come out with world or universe saving story lines - how do you follow up saving the universe like in Halo? I thought ODDT was a great example of how to do a one off follow up.

Reach was anti-climatic from day 1! Still fun, but was never going to be as good as the other Halo titles. (fps...not that rts abomination)

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