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Need for speed Most Wanted confirmed

IT’S OFFICIAL: The next Need for Speed will be Most Wanted, developed by Criterion! Here’s the first screenshot!

Make sure to watch our E3 press conference live on June 4th at 1PM (PST) for more info! (E3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Hufandpuf  +   821d ago
Looks great!
egidem  +   821d ago
Criterion just knows how to make car racing games, as exhibited by their awesome Burnout franchise.
lastdual  +   821d ago
A Criterion open-world racer like Burnout Paradise, but with crazy cops that try to ram you off the road like in Hot Pursuit = instant buy.
JhawkFootball06  +   821d ago
I've been waiting for a new burnout game. I've always disliked the lack of damage on the cars with the past NFS. That being said, with Criterion making it, I'm looking forward to this one.
inveni0  +   821d ago
Graphics look to up the ante, just like Most Wanted did last time it released.
TopDudeMan  +   821d ago
A criterion developed most wanted will be freakin awesome! I want it to be just like the ps2 most wanted game, but with burnout-style vehicle handling.
Erudito87  +   821d ago
need for speed hot purtsuit by criterion was better than ANY need for speed before it
DeadlyFire  +   821d ago
The Criterion Hot Pursuit was way better than any Hot Pursuit game before it. I am hoping that Most Wanted is the same way.

My only problem with first most wanted game was that it was to easy. Cops were easily taken out and there was no real challenge unless you purposely let 10 cops come after you at once.

I am suspecting this to be on Frostbite 2.x engine. So it should look badass either way.
dark-hollow  +   821d ago
Most wanted was one of my favorite NFS games after underground.
showtimefolks  +   821d ago
i am glad its not black box that are doing MW, criterion knows racing genre inside out so can't wait to find out more.

MW took a lot of hrs of our life hopefully the sequel will have that magic too
Chuk5  +   821d ago
I'm listening.
Auld  +   821d ago
Aww yeah!!!
EliteDave93  +   821d ago
Lets just hope its Open world like the first Most Wanted.
Jumper09  +   821d ago
i hope its not open world. Open world racing games are fucking boring
Spenok  +   821d ago
You my friend, obviously have NOT played Burnout Paradise. It's sad you have been depriving yourself of such a wonderful game. I suggest you go play it ASAP!
Starbucks_Fan  +   821d ago
jump off a cliff
an0nym0us  +   821d ago
Open world is boring for the racing part, not the free roam part.
STONEY4  +   821d ago
The problem with open world racers is that it tends to create a lot less variation in the tracks, instead of heaving tailor-made race courses that are all unique and have different locales. The races in open world games are always a lot less fun to me than the races in ones that use courses. Plus, you always have to drive to the races, which is cool at first when you're first exploring the city, but it gets a bit tedious when you've seen the same locations 1000 times already.

But I like free-roaming and messing around, and the original Most Wanted really did a good job at making screwing around fun, mostly because of the cops. Criterion is also a really good developer.
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LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   821d ago
sadly i do agree about open world racing games. i played burnout paradise the day it came out and after a month it became very tedious and boring. searching for people who were on the other side of the city, many of the races were literally the same, and the races didn't have that feel of burnout 3. that's my 2 cents
morkendo23  +   821d ago
agree, open world games spend your time looking for races that SUCKS!!!
rather have circuit racing like underground,hotpursuit,highsta kes racing.

if this MOSTWANTED anything like the first one
climbing up a blacklist fu'k it.
TENTONGUN  +   821d ago
most wanted was cool for an open world, but i really loved underground 2's open world. was i the only one that liked that game cause no one mentions it or talks underground sequel.
Nes_Daze  +   821d ago
Been waiting for this..
Zechs34  +   821d ago
ChiVoLok0  +   821d ago
Well I wanted it to be Underground 3 but if it's made by Criterion I can't wait.
MerkinMax  +   821d ago
I guess you could say this reboot was...

....Most Wanted....


But seriously, I effing loved Most Wanted.
Zechs34  +   821d ago
Haha :D
vitullo31  +   821d ago
dude you definitely listen to the edge was that a dean blundell reference...unless im wrong and you have no idea what im talking about haha
Havocmak3r  +   821d ago
Why call it Need for Speed: Most Wanted? Why not a new name or Most Wanted 2? I see customer confusion when people don't know which Most Wanted.
Godchild1020  +   821d ago
Not for PS3 owners. We never received MW, so I hope we at least get to see that one bundled with the New MW. Or at least ported to the PS3 as a digital only purchase.
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SilverBullet129  +   821d ago
Ya it does suck how the 360 got it upgraded to sub HD with achievements and all the PS3 people get is the PS2 port.

Oh well, at lest it only costs $10, better that than nothing:P

On topic, can't wait for this! Hot Pursuit was fun and if only it had a story and more of my friend's list were playing it, I would have kept playing it for far longer. Hopefully they dont screw this up like they did with Undercover - their first attempt at making a true Most Wanted game.
Urbz7870  +   821d ago
They'll just refer as Need For Speed Most Wanted(2012)
killswitchmad  +   821d ago
This actually makes me sad, Far too much NFS, nowhere new enough Burnout :(
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   821d ago
they probably are working on it or a new IP similar to burnout. if i were to give ideas to them , i just tell them to put all the features that were memorable in all the previous burnout franchises and add slow motion when it's a head to head battle ( you know when the other guy is right next to you and his ramming you to slow you down)then press the action button as fast as possible to break away from it and destroy his car on the process
gamerwiips360  +   821d ago
Thats it! Im throwing a party......
You know after Most Wanted i thought this series almost died.. but then Thanks to Criterion on Hot Pursuit, They literally saved this Franchise!
That time I was thinking what happens if these guys (Criterion Team) makes a Most Wanted game from NFS!

And here we are...... CHEERS! for all NFS Lovers. :)
Spenok  +   821d ago
So this is good news for all those Need for Speed fans out there, but DAMNIT I want a freaking new Burnout!! Iv'e been waiting patiently since 2007, and I still DON'T have a new title to love. ><
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   821d ago
don't know if the one in the marketplace counts as new?
Spenok  +   820d ago
In my opinion no, it first off wasn't very good, and two, wasn't a true Burnout game.

It was a somewhat lame version of their crash mode.

Needless to say it was disappointing.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   821d ago
sweet now bring back underground and its a go
Psychotica  +   821d ago
It's about time, I have been waiting for the sequel forever..
an0nym0us  +   821d ago
I hope the races aren't based on free roaming, it was lame. The idea made races less intense, and everything felt more like a time trial.
360GamerFG  +   821d ago
You had me at BMW
krisq  +   821d ago
Bring it, Criterion!
u-bEttA-rUn  +   821d ago
eeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss s
Reborn  +   821d ago
Most Wanted, how I missed you on PS2.

I remember the challenge of racking up.. something over 1m bounty in 1 chase. Fun times.
TBM  +   821d ago
ToNKA11  +   821d ago
Need for speed Most Wanted confirmed? are u fucking kidding me, plz not another NFS, iv'e had it with u EA, the only thing that keeps me going n tracking your crappy ass games is because of dead space n now you are remaking games? fuck this shit, sorry guys i'm not trying to bash NFS franchise, but ask yourselves this,if u had the power to remake an EA game, what would that be? NFS? hell no
Chuk5  +   821d ago
Speak for yourself.
LUCKYXS7LEVEN  +   821d ago
hey if the remake is good , why not relieve the experience you had before and then some new implemented ones.
GamingManiac  +   821d ago
Well, actually, it would be NFS Most Wanted or Underground and ANY Burnout, that I'd like to have remade. So Yeah, GO EA!!! (on this one)
i_da_pappy  +   821d ago
redbc1118  +   821d ago
Yes! Most Wanted rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I believe Criterion games will deliver another very high quality games as burnout and
need for speed hot pursuit.
jaymart2k  +   821d ago
Plz have goofy no name,talentless actors in it like the last Most Wanted.

As bad as those cutsenes are they stuck in your brain.
GamingManiac  +   821d ago
Good memories.... lol
Jio  +   821d ago
I was hoping for a new Burnout, dammit EA let Criterion work on a new Burnout already!
Urbz7870  +   821d ago
This is definitely a day1 purchase for me :).
jaymart2k  +   821d ago
People need to remember the original Most Wanted was just a port with higher resolution.

Just like Battelfield 2 & Hitman & other late last gen games that got ported.
redbc1118  +   821d ago
Will Most Wanted have natural environment besides urban environment ? Seacrest county is so beautiful.
AmkOwns  +   821d ago
Hope they bring back the M3 GTR
Outsider-G  +   821d ago
Great news. I loved playing Most Wanted on PS2. Can't wait to see what EA will show on Monday.
RockmanII7  +   821d ago
Dammit, Hot Pursuit wasn't bad but it was nothing compared to Burnout 3/Revenge. Now with Criterion making Most Wanted it will be until 2014 at the earliest until a new Burnout game is released, which will be a 6 year wait since Paradise was released.
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