Need for speed Most Wanted confirmed

IT’S OFFICIAL: The next Need for Speed will be Most Wanted, developed by Criterion! Here’s the first screenshot!

Make sure to watch our E3 press conference live on June 4th at 1PM (PST) for more info!

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egidem2389d ago

Criterion just knows how to make car racing games, as exhibited by their awesome Burnout franchise.

lastdual2389d ago

A Criterion open-world racer like Burnout Paradise, but with crazy cops that try to ram you off the road like in Hot Pursuit = instant buy.

JhawkFootball062389d ago

I've been waiting for a new burnout game. I've always disliked the lack of damage on the cars with the past NFS. That being said, with Criterion making it, I'm looking forward to this one.

inveni02389d ago

Graphics look to up the ante, just like Most Wanted did last time it released.

TopDudeMan2388d ago

A criterion developed most wanted will be freakin awesome! I want it to be just like the ps2 most wanted game, but with burnout-style vehicle handling.

SnakeCQC2388d ago

need for speed hot purtsuit by criterion was better than ANY need for speed before it

DeadlyFire2388d ago

The Criterion Hot Pursuit was way better than any Hot Pursuit game before it. I am hoping that Most Wanted is the same way.

My only problem with first most wanted game was that it was to easy. Cops were easily taken out and there was no real challenge unless you purposely let 10 cops come after you at once.

I am suspecting this to be on Frostbite 2.x engine. So it should look badass either way.

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dark-hollow2388d ago

Most wanted was one of my favorite NFS games after underground.

showtimefolks2388d ago

i am glad its not black box that are doing MW, criterion knows racing genre inside out so can't wait to find out more.

MW took a lot of hrs of our life hopefully the sequel will have that magic too

EliteDave932389d ago

Lets just hope its Open world like the first Most Wanted.

Jumper092389d ago

i hope its not open world. Open world racing games are fucking boring

Spenok2389d ago

You my friend, obviously have NOT played Burnout Paradise. It's sad you have been depriving yourself of such a wonderful game. I suggest you go play it ASAP!

an0nym0us2389d ago

Open world is boring for the racing part, not the free roam part.

STONEY42389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The problem with open world racers is that it tends to create a lot less variation in the tracks, instead of heaving tailor-made race courses that are all unique and have different locales. The races in open world games are always a lot less fun to me than the races in ones that use courses. Plus, you always have to drive to the races, which is cool at first when you're first exploring the city, but it gets a bit tedious when you've seen the same locations 1000 times already.

But I like free-roaming and messing around, and the original Most Wanted really did a good job at making screwing around fun, mostly because of the cops. Criterion is also a really good developer.


sadly i do agree about open world racing games. i played burnout paradise the day it came out and after a month it became very tedious and boring. searching for people who were on the other side of the city, many of the races were literally the same, and the races didn't have that feel of burnout 3. that's my 2 cents

morkendo232388d ago

agree, open world games spend your time looking for races that SUCKS!!!
rather have circuit racing like underground,hotpursuit,highsta kes racing.

if this MOSTWANTED anything like the first one
climbing up a blacklist fu'k it.

TENTONGUN2388d ago

most wanted was cool for an open world, but i really loved underground 2's open world. was i the only one that liked that game cause no one mentions it or talks underground sequel.

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Nes_Daze2389d ago

Been waiting for this..