Six ways to make DLC fun and fair

OXM: "What Mass Effect, Batman and Street Fighter get wrong."

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zeal0us2387d ago

Don't put it on the disc.
Don't charge me some ridiculous price for it.

bunt-custardly2386d ago

Put it on the disc, have it as an unlockable for beating the game - FREE.

Offer it for $$$ for those who can't be bothered or want to invest the time to beat the game.

Now that's fair.

D3mons0ul2386d ago

"Put it on the disc, have it as an unlockable for beating the game - FREE."

oh, you mean like how it used to be and should still be today?

It's sad that Max Payne 3 is the only game i've played in a few months that actually has unlocks and CHEATS...

remember when these things were pretty much expected from just about ANY game?

mysterious_warrior2386d ago

D3mons0ul got it right...The days where cheats and unlocks were actually on the game if you did certain criteria like beat the game with one weapon for example. New costumes and weapons were available after you finished the game. Wow I can't believe how the times drastically change...To combat this I let my wallet do the talking...

dark-hollow2386d ago

put does that really solve the greed of some developers?

they can just cut content and release it later without being locked on disk.

thats what i hate about dlc this gen, how would you know that this dlc wasnt planned from day one and got cut from the full game to release it later?

FrightfulActions2387d ago

Interesting to note at least that the DLC you receive for those Mass Effect 3 action figures isn't quite as significant as some may think. To the point that offering it as a bonus for getting the figurine is actually a nice perk, not so much a "grab for cash." As the DLC code that come with each figure just gives you a randomized pack in the games multiplayer, it isn't a big deal at all. Anyone who played the multiplayer probably realizes this. Its a nice a bonus if you're buying the figure anyway, though. But its not like anyone is going to be buying them just for that dlc, if you buy the figurine you bought it because you just wanted the figurine. Its not a "we have to buy these crappy toys to get the content ingame" situation that some people had been so concerned over.

The only thing Mass Effect 3 did wrong dlc wise was spoil the prothean. It wasn't entirely their fault though since the information was leaked out. I would had rather found Javik on my own though without knowing what to suspect. Would had made it more of a "woah" moment. Would had been nice. One could say the leaks are also what lead to the story ending so poorly. So much for the dark energy the game has been foreshadowing for so long.

I have to disagree with this 'don't use DLC to alter story" bit though. Least in the sense that they imply it. I'm reminded of Fallout 3. Great game, however the ending was widely disliked for the simple fact that it kept you from being able to play anymore. You had to avoid beating the mainquest until you were done with everything else. They released DLC that changed that and allowed you to keep playing after the mains story quest. Lots of players were very pleased with that.

This argument of "In order to entertain, narrative needs to feel complete, and a narrative you know to be alterable will never feel complete" also honestly holds very little truth or relevance to Mass Effect. The majority of fans didn't like the ending and feel it was incomplete. It felt empty and void, leaving you with nothing but confusion and questions with no closure. Forgive me but if you felt "complete" with that narrative, you probably weren't that interested in the narrative to start with and were just treating it like another shooter to kill things in. Story matters to a lot of people however and that story was anything but complete.

Even if you loved the ending and saw nothing wrong with it, the argument still doesn't hold true in the case of Mass Effect. The entire series is all about alteration. There are a ton of plot twists and turns that you can completely miss out on. Having an alterable narrative is not a game-killer, in the case of Mass Effect it's actually why its so famous. I played Paragon but never felt like I missed out of the story because I took an alternative route instead of Renegade. Things can happen quite differently, the entire premise of the game is that everything can be altered based on your choices. Sure, the grand big plot events stay, but even they are changed to some degree, be it subtle or otherwise.

So again, to say that in order to be entertained and feel complete, the narrative cannot be alterable? I really disagree with that. I imagine even Heavy Rain fans will disagree with that.

dirigiblebill2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Sure, it's a bad ending. But if you go around retrospectively changing endings because people don't like them, what's the point of asking somebody to write a story for you in the first place? How do you get closure from or pronounce judgement upon something you know to be alterable? Seriously. Narratives of this sort need to be finite or they stop being narratives. A bad ending is better than jeopardising the concept of endings full stop.

I can sympathise to some extent with the point about interactive storytelling, but BioWare doesn't allow you to alter "everything" - you get to pick from several scripted, heavily inter-related plot paths. Sure, they diverge wildly at points, but the fact is you're still following the writer's lead. It's still, at heart, a traditional story, albeit one which runs on several sets of rails.

AmkOwns2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )


MoonConquistador2386d ago

@Dark Hollow "put does that really solve the greed of some developers?

they can just cut content and release it later without being locked on disk"

Yeah, but as Mysterious Walker above you said, and if everybody took the same stance as him, they wouldnt keep selling it this way if people didnt start buying it in the first place

Supply and demand people