What Would You Do If You Could Turn Video Game Money Into REAL Money?

"What if video game money was real money? Munny, zenny, coins, gil, credits, bottlecaps, septims, rupees, and gold. Many of these strange-sounding-items should hit a familiar tune in the average gamers’ memory banks.Each is a different form of currency, money, cash, and moolah and each is representative of the economic structure of particular video game titles. I can’t count the number of games that I’ve accrued in my video game history, or the number of achievements received for my fiscal accomplishments, but I do know one thing, I would be filthy rich if video game money was real money." - GamerGirlTay

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Titanz2384d ago

I always say to myself, "if I become a gaming developer, I need to create a system that rewards gamers." I've came up with a few ideas, but they're not patented, so it would be kind of foolish of me to share those secrets. :P

KrimsonKody2383d ago

It's funny that this topic would come up, because I was just talking with a friend telling a friend that I wish that I could toss an acme bomb at a bank or something, then watch the building erupt into cash, you know, like a video game.

My friend had his own idea also, that with all the 'effort & work' that we put into games & gaining currency, that we should be able to convert a portion of that into real money. I feel that should be done with gambling/casino games.

In any case, I think both our ideas would be grand!

ChocolateGiddyUp2383d ago

Two chicks at the same time.

kma2k2383d ago

i would grind like in old school JRPG's for 8 hours a day instead of going to work!

Hicken2383d ago

Then I'd build a Gundam.

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