Destructoid - Lego The Lord of the Rings Preview

Destructoid: "LEGO hobbits! Why haven't we seen LEGO hobbits until now?

An early look at LEGO The Lord of the Rings showed the full Fellowship in LEGO form, with all speaking using the movie voices. You haven't lived until you've experienced Gandalf's voice coming out of a little yellow bearded toy person. LOTR fans will flip when they see and hear Frodo, Sam and the others in block form too."

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kevnb2358d ago

I was wondering when they would make this.

NastyLeftHook02358d ago

this actually could be intereting.

AceofStaves2358d ago

I will buy this. The LEGO games are a blast.

J5Feedback2358d ago

I've actually never played a LEGO game. Heard great things though, maybe this is the one I'll finally play.

AceofStaves2358d ago

They're a lot of fun, especially with the drop in, drop out co-op.