New Releases for the Week of June 3rd-June 9th, 2012

Bang Bang Racing? Katy Perry’s Sweet “Treats”? With E3 in full swing this week, it seems marketers are using euphemisms to draw attention to this weeks titles. Keeping it clean across nearly every platform is the obligatory summer movie tie-in: Madagascar 3: The Video Game, which looks to keep its demographic occupied with a collection of circus mini-games.

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sharpsword2024d ago

Q: Who releases games during E3?

A: Publisher who want their games to fail.

madmad2024d ago

I'm sure there's been a few games that came out during E3 that were successes. No everyone goes.

RaptorMan2024d ago

Never heard of Bang Bang Racing. But the screens look good.

CharmingMan2024d ago

Inversion is the only interesting thing this week.

mediastudies2024d ago

What about Katy Perry's Sweat Teats?