Treasures of Montezuma Blitz recieves Trophy Support

A patch recently went out in the EU for Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (also known as TOM Blitz), which included a number of tweaks, but also full trophy support

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Tired2391d ago

I'm surprised more of the Vita's free Apps don't have trophy support yet. Think they are missing a trick there.

Looking forward to checking this out. The vita seems to have a couple of intersting casual type free I ordered a brand new 3G Vita for £198 on amazon, bargain! Bought a couple of games today and downloaded everything I possibly could off Psn... It's just sitting there ready and waiting on the xmb.

These next few days are going to crawl by. Stupid Queen and her stupid jubilee spoiling the post for everyone!

a_bro2391d ago

"I'm surprised more of the Vita's free Apps don't have trophy support yet."

They're not games.. well a few...

Tired2391d ago

welcome park has trophies.

Frobisher could use them. Travel bug could probably implement them using gps etc, as could Ecolibrium and Imaginstruments. Depending on how much fun they are to use in the first place it would pretty much guarantee future use rather than a 5 min poke never to be played with again.

I can see [email protected] having trophies and turning the whole thing quite competitive, if you get a trophy for covering someone else's tag x no of times.

Even paint park could implement them...integrating social media into the mix....upload x pics to flickr or facebook. Thats also free advertising for Vita. Tho I get angry when forced to spam on facebook.

The augmented reality games could use them too.

Damn I'm sick of reading about Vita, want it in my hands NOW!

xX-Jak-Xx2391d ago

after the patch this game is awesome i reached 3.000.000 points !!!

SandWitch2391d ago

The trophies are bugged. I earned few of them after I updated the game, but now I can't get them anymore. I checked my internet connection, tried syncing trophies with the server, restarting game etc. I just can't earn them.

Also you can sean TOM Blitz's trophies only on "PS Vita" tab when viewing trophies, but they don't appear on "PSN" (compare trophies) tab.