Daily Mail Blames Call Of Duty For French Terrorist Shootings

Sensationalist UK newspaper The Daily Mail has today made astonishing claims that French terrorist Mohammed Merah – who gunned down seven people earlier this year – was inspired to commit his violent acts by playing Call Of Duty.

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Jonmau52388d ago

Great article, well said! Daily Mail love to present the scare tactics of GAMES KILL PEOPLE!

AgreeFairy2388d ago

They didn't say games kill people. They said Call of Duty is to blame and I agree. Call of Duty is not a game, it's trash.

DJLB21152388d ago

millions of dollars and copycat franchises cant be wrong. what shooter in the world is more popular?

MrMister2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

That guy probably never played COD, since Radical Islam forbids fun of all kind (Sports, music, guitar's, etc) are forbidden in some muslim country's due to radicalization (at least in mid-east). So of course he never played any games.

But then again, could anyone consider COD to be "fun"?

Dark_Overlord2388d ago

I don't think people outside of the UK know how much of a joke this paper is. It's bad when pretty much everyone (including TV personalities take the p*ss out of it)

Dark_Overlord2388d ago

Must be a Daily Mail reader on here, how can I tell? Everyone currently has 0 agrees and 1 Disagree :D

JohnApocalypse2388d ago

They're not as bad as The Sun though

Dark_Overlord2388d ago

Depends on what you mean, for outright sensationalism and blatant laughable lies the Daily Mail wins hand down.

For corporate agendas, deception etc yes then The Sun wins that :)

ieatbabies2388d ago

They might as well blame the weather for this one too. Truth be told, this is what happens when you don't raise your children right and or if you ignore the signs of an early mental illness in your children early on in life.

DJLB21152388d ago

call of duty does encourage violence it encourages me to shoot at people who give me disagrees lol

AtomicGerbil2388d ago

The Daily Mail, still holding up it's reputation as an irresponsible and sensationalist rag I see.

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