Exclusive: Inversion 'Launch' trailer will turn your world upside down

GameZone writes, "Namco Bandai's new gravity-bending shooter Inversion doesn't launch until June 5, but that doesn't mean we can't defy gravity a little early. Today's exclusive launch trailer offers you a new look at Inversion and the action-packed gameplay that awaits you when it launches next week."

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ieatbabies2389d ago

This will definitely bomb.

JoGam2389d ago

Dude looked like a fatter Nathan Drake.

ShaunCameron2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

It isn't getting any fanfare, so yeah. I might buy it though.

NYC_Gamer2389d ago

The game looks real cheap and thrown together

Trenta272389d ago

Remember the studios previous games were Battle Los Angeles and Halo Anniversary (343 just oversaw them)

It will tank so much.

Intentions2389d ago

Looks like infamous and rage with a touch of crysis.

Grimhammer002389d ago

I remember when this and binary domain were supposed to go head to head on release day.

This game feared binary domain...rightfully. Binary is awesome.

But this? ....I may get it just to have some bomba trophies! Lol