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When the first details of DmC: Devil May Cry emerged, controversy ensued. Ninja Theory, the newly appointed developer to the long-running Capcom series was dealt angry backlash from dedicated fans who felt their beloved Dante had been bastardized. Casting aside the smooth, ivory-haired poster boy of demon-hunting in favour of a reckless “emo” sporting Goth hair who beared no resemblance to the protagonist of the same name was always going to be a hard sell, but Ninja Theory continue on, steady and true to their original design.

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fei-hung2391d ago

Controversy has ended, people have just realised nothing will change and we have to accept things as they are.

I will buy DMC, but long after it has been released and probably second hand.

As a gamer, the game does peak my interest as it is a good looking game, but as a Hideo Kamiya fan and Devil May Cry fan, I cannot support the dev or publisher since they haven't supported me. To get respect, you have to give respect, something Capcom and NT have failed to do IMO.

Acquiescence2391d ago

not "peak." Just for future reference.

user54670072391d ago

"I will buy DMC, but long after it has been released and probably second hand."

This is where people should take note

You can buy the game...just make sure it's long after it's release where you can enjoy a game at a cheap price and Capcom loose money

It's a Win Win with gamers

....the game does look horrible still

fei-hung2391d ago

I made another booboo. I wrote "has" instead of "hasn't."

Not having the best of days in regards to spelling or gramma. It could be due to playing dmc1 and trying to type at same time on a lousy Iphone. Hmmm

AgreeFairy2391d ago

The game looks great. Day 1 buy. Looks a lot better than Rising at least.

Lucretia2391d ago

lol, u say the weirdest crap. Im guessing you just say dumb things cuz u feed off of disagree's

gameplay looks far better in rising.

still DMC looks fun aslong as you pretend its not DMC

AgreeFairy2391d ago

DMC is still a Devil May Cry game at it's core. Metal Gear Rising isn't a Metal Gear game at all. You still play as Dante in DMC. In Rising you play with the worst character in the Metal Gear universe and the gameplay is nothing like a real Metal Gear. Even the story for Rising has been butchered for the cash-in.

Syclonus2391d ago

didn't u say this about the new tomb raider-

"Of course it's not the REAL Lara Croft. It's the alternate universe whiny useless bitch version of Lara Croft. The one that completely ruins her backstory and makes her worthless. This isn't even a real Tomb Raider game. They should just kill off the franchise if they're ruining it like this." o_0

Lucretia2391d ago

Again You earn the title of FOOL.

im guessing you don't know what a spin off is.

Im guessing the MGS series must have died when it became a card game on the psp TWICE.

yeah dude, your very odd. you need a time machine and need to go back in time so you can reap your nostalgia, you sound like an 80 year old whining fool

AgreeFairy2391d ago

Nope. MGS series didn't die. It just ended it with MGS4. As for Metal Gear AC!D it at least had stealth unlike this mediocre hack & slash. MGA also wasn't outsourced to an overrated company that makes mediocre games.

DMC is only called a reboot because of the butthurt fanboys that cried about what it really is (a prequel). DMC will obviously still be a prequel but the devs will tell them it's just a spin-off in some alternate universe to cut down on all of their whiny letters that get sent to them.

SonnyD2386d ago

No, this will be a crap game of Devil May Cry was. This is will suck as a DMC game.

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Kratoscar20082391d ago

I like what i have seen of this DMC, Dante just have black hair and people rage about that? hahaha.

I loved HS and Dishonored looks amazing and some sites think that too so i think this game will be awesome HOWEVER if there is the slightest sign of On disk DLC i will not get the game.