Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Gameplay Trailer + Developer Update

Xbigy Games writes: Konami have released a new trailer for their football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

There has been a clear amount of work on specific players and their animations. This means that Messi's running and shooting should look different to bigger players such as Adebayor. These new animations have also led to some extra moves where players will be able to flick the ball over their opponent's head or tap it up in the air, laying themselves up for a volley.

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nik666uk2384d ago

Instead of pissing about I wish they'd just copy Pro Evo 6 with updated graphics!!

mcstorm2384d ago

Looks interesting. I liked the Demo of PES 12 but I got Fifa 12 but this game is looking like it is getting closer and closer to Fifa now so Ill give both games ago again before I decided which game I get.

OcelotRigz2384d ago

I dont know, im still very skeptical that PES will return to its glory anytime soon, if at all. Every year its the same, they've improved this, improved that, new feature this, added that etc.. and still it turns out to be a frustratingly flawed game.
FIFA is my footie game now even though i can only play that now and again as it can become very frustrating and limited if i played it a lot. As good as FIFA has becoma, it still doesnt give me full control, like where i can picture something in my head and do it, its limited in that way. Thats what the old PES's, like 4,5 and 6 offered. You could do anything and anything could happen, they were far from perfect but this was what made them magic.

The first comment mentioned about remaking PES 6 in HD, dont know why he got disagrees. I know its not as straight forward as that but it wouldn't be a bad project. Build on the PES 6 core, add 360 dribbling and other little improvements and with the HD upgrade as well. But even if they did release a HD remake of PES 6 on the PSN store, i would love that. You'd think because its an old game we wouldn't love it as much, but i downloaded PES 6 on my pc a while back and it was great.