New BF3 patch ignores B2K crashes, TV missile problems

Product-Reviews writes: Just like the last patch update for the game, DICE has made a vast amount of changes that require careful examination before heading into battle on June 4th. As you may have expected, there are also many things that DICE has failed to fix and we can think of several from the top of our heads. For some reason, DICE still hasn’t addressed the amount of console crashes on PS3 that is going on in the Back to Karkand maps. We’ve lost count of the numerous times that Gulf of Oman freezes up and despite tons of feedback from you stating the same thing, DICE still doesn’t see it as a problem worthy of addressing in the June 4th patch update.

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tr00p3r2386d ago

TV Missiles are useless on console..stupid.

Nafon2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

I dont have problems controlling it, but i just have the pilot line up the shot so i dont have to lol

danswayuk2386d ago

Looking forward to this patch landing, not bothered about those issues.

ricky3602386d ago

Well I give a damn, what's the point of releasing this patch and missing these issues.

RememberThe3572386d ago

Maybe because they haven't found fixes yet?

Tachyon_Nova2386d ago

To be honest, it is usually hit and miss whether a patch made by DICE actually improves the experience, so take what you can get.

cyclonus0072386d ago

Can the patch be released before we complain about what it doesn't fix?

ExCest2385d ago

And apparently the Battlelog forums. Full of 'em

franko2386d ago

2 things gonna be fixed, another 10's gonna be ruined

Strongmad2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

where is the map swap black loading screen fix?

finally the behind footsteps can be heard.. no more ninja tag swipers.

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