The Last of Us: The Half-Life to Uncharted's Quake

Early buzz about Naughty Dog's next title, The Last of Us, had me curious to see more of it. The first preview gave off a Dead-Island-trailer-meets-I-Am -Legend kind of vibe; not too surprising, given the studio's cinematic aspirations, but also not much of an indication to how the game would actually play. So, I attended a recent hands-off demo with great interest. I'm not sure what I expecting the game to be, but an Uncharted mod definitely wasn't it.

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Bob Dole2384d ago

Agreed. Bob Dole can't wait for this game to come out!

StrongMan2384d ago

StrongMan can't wait either!

Walker2384d ago

Walker007 also can't wait !

Redempteur2384d ago

Bold claims but Nd might just be able to do it

Y_51502384d ago

I find the article title a bit confusing, so I click on the link to read what's it's about. This is a good example of what a good title should be for articles. :P