Resident Evil 6: ‘We’re still trying to make a horror experience’

X360: Resident Evil 6 is making some big changes, we talk to executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and director Yoshiaki Hirabayashi to find out just how different Resi 6 will be…

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DaThreats2388d ago

Make it a horror from the actual game experience
Not the horror of playing the game that suppose 2 have horror
Then finding out..
I get horror from the game of not being horror

Dailynch2388d ago

It's got normal zombies in it and all the crazy monsters of 5. As long as there's a balance, I don't see why this won't be really good.

Grap2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

!diot u do realize there is actually a zombie trying to eat u with AK-47.

wenaldy2388d ago

Exactly, who else got scared when playing L.A. Noire in Catacombs section?

dark-hollow2388d ago

i admit that RE5 was below expectations and the lack of horror added to it fail, but let me ask this question:

why a resident evil should be 100% truly terrifying to be actually good? am sure as hell RE4 nailed the game perfectly and IMHO surpass the first trilogy of RE in every way "but" the horror, but its makes it up in everything else.

does RE4 benefit from adding more terrifying moments?
sure, but does the lack (not that RE4 is not scary on its own) of makes it a horrible game? no.

RE5 sucked in a lot of aspect that making it scary wont fix the game.

does this mean RE6 should not be scary anymore? hell no! thats why its called a "survival horror" game, but if it wasnt "OMG this shit gonna show up in my nightmare" level of horror multiplied by 10 like most people want it to be would not make it automatically bad.

i know a lot of people will disagree with this, but honestly, i never found RE series THAT scary compared to games like silent hill.

princejb1342388d ago

key words STILL TRYING, but we pretty much know is another action game with zombies thrown in

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Prcko2388d ago

if this game won't be horror i won't buy it!!!
I don't want call of duty zombies,no thanks

chukamachine2388d ago

If you want horror, look at dead space

StanSmith2388d ago

Which (admittingly i am pre-judging from the screenshots) looks like it is going down the Resident Evil 5 path. I mean Necromorphs with guns?!

dark-hollow2388d ago

"I mean Necromorphs with guns?!"

wwwwwhat!!? i hope you are joking and it isnt real ;_;

StanSmith2388d ago

Check those out. In Image 3 of 6, you can see a Necromorph with a gun.

LightofDarkness2388d ago

Ugh, no, they're not. They've been flip-flopping on this with every new statement. At this point, they're just telling every group of gamers what they want to hear so that they'll all rush out and pre-order, or buy it on launch day without trepidation.

They use misleading language like this, that you have to read into more closely to extract the full meaning. They say "horror experience", fans hear the key-word "horror" and a nostalgia fuelled bout of wishful thinking ensues, overriding their logic centres and convincing them that this might actually be the horror game they've been waiting for. But they said "horror experience", not "survival horror". In fact, in previous statements, they've subtly conveyed that this is not going to be survival horror ("Survival horror is not profitable" etc.).

They're giving it the tacky imagery of B-movie horror, but the experience is clearly action oriented.

r212388d ago

didnt they say they were going to make resident evil 6 with 'dramatic horror' in mind?

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