Creative agency for Microsoft registers Halo 4 Remix, Halo Remix domains

It looks like a promotion or online contest for Halo 4, set for a worldwide release on November 6, 2012, may be on the way. Roundhouse, a creative agency based in Seattle, WA, who counts among its clients Microsoft, has registered the domain names and Roundhouse handles social media work for Xbox, but has yet to reveal what it plans to do with Halo 4 Remix. Both domains were registered by Roundhouse’s operations manager on May 30, 2012, only days before the kick off of E3 2012.

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CarlosX3602358d ago

Sounds like music domains. As it's too early for a "remix" reboot.

urwifeminder2358d ago

Remixed game for next console maybe.

xCaptainAmazing2358d ago

kinect dance halo remix. my eyes. oh good lord my eyes and ears!