Dragon's Dogma: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: Whereas other RPGs depict night time as a dark blue hue that gracefully descends, Dragon’s Dogma just turns the lights off. Things go pitch black and you will be absolutely screwed if you don’t have your lantern and adequate fuel. It’s a really neat mechanic that completely changes the game at night, rather than just adjusting the colours on your screen. Different, more violent enemies prowl the darkness, making it inadvisable to start missions until morning. What you can’t see through the black you often hear. This isn’t a huge comfort when you’re unsure if those heavy footsteps belong to a chimera or Cyclops. It’s clear that Capcom’s Resi division had some input, as being caught in the wilderness at midnight feels very survival horror-like. It’s a pleasant change to genuinely feel afraid of the dark in an RPG.

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