Konami’s Pre-E3 2012 Show Written Detailed Summary With Embedded Trailers.

James Steel writes -
"Did you miss Konami's Pre-E3 show earlier where they revealed Castlevania Lords Of Shadows 2, a mystery 3DS title, as well as new trailers for MG Revengeance, a new Mega 64 skit, a look at Zone of the Enders HD and more? If you'd rather skip all the waffling from developers and head straight to the trailers and details, follow the link below"

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Qbanj692389d ago

That ZOE HD trailer made me cry. I have such nostalgia for this game- it truly is one of my favorites. Incredible song too.

It makes me sad, however, that it seems that this HD remake is the only thing were gonna get at E3. I truly hope that this will be very successful, and force Konami's hand to make a next gen ZOE.

DJLB21152389d ago

never got into ZOE, maybe i should? Im really only interested in Rising and what they do for the MG 25th anniversary

Qbanj692389d ago

I'm not really into mech games (although I have played them before). In my opinion, ZOE is the best mech game period- probably because it doesn't play like one. Even its graphics for a ps2 games blew anything of its kind out of the water and to this day I think its one of the more beautiful games out there.

ShaunCameron2389d ago

I just loved the Metal Gear Rising trailer especially the part where Raiden cuts a dude up from behind a post. Too bad according to it, the game won't come out until next year.

DJLB21152388d ago

Agreed. I like the part where he jumped off a building and impaled some dude while standing on his sword. Definition of badass lol