Zone of the Enders HD Collection opening animation

Konami has released the opening animation for the Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

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ElasticLove2386d ago

Loved it, just give a official release date and I will be even happier.

ChipChipperson2386d ago

It's just impossible to not laugh after saying cockpit.

Kyosuke_Sanada2386d ago

Going back, going must wear....a helmet....:P

izumo_lee2386d ago

Oh 'Beyond the Bounds', i love this song cause of those awesome memories playing the 2nd Runner so long ago. I remember seeing that trailer featuring this song back than & it still sounds orgasmic!

ZOE is an underrated game series & those who love those mech anime with flying missiles everywhere will love this game. I was fortunate to have played the originals so it will be great to relive all those memories once again.

Swiggins2386d ago

What's weird is that this pretty much sums up anime in general in 5 minutes.

A nice video, lots of visual splendor.

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The story is too old to be commented.