Kratos Unchained

Accessibility is borne of simplicity. Sonic runs fast, kirby eats stuff, mario jumps about a lot and Kratos is very, very angry.

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fei-hung2385d ago

On the Iphone, silly website keeps redirecting me to random pages and articles instead of the article in question. If anyone reads it, can you post the gist of the article if it is news worth. Thank you.


Try this direct link:

It's just speculation on what the implications are for Kratos no longer having the blades, being more human, etc... How minor enemies of the other games could come as almost bosses as they would be really hard to defeat by a mere mortal.

It also talks on how David Jaffe would had made GOW3 different, making it open to explore other myths throughout history. And also how he wouldn't care for a prequel as you always know how a prequel will end... Nothing we don't know yet really.

harmundo2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

It's a massive "bla-bla-bla-talking-abou t-kratos-bla-bla-bla" article ^^.

fei-hung2385d ago

Bubbles up for the creative manner in which you summed up the article lol all the entertainment, 1/10 the time!

abzdine2385d ago

I hope Ascension will be in 3D because God of War: Collection 2 had the best 3D i have seen so far (with Motorstorm).