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Rainstorm812327d ago

This game doesn't look bad, but I think ill pass. I think I've had enough of first person adventure games til bioshock infinite

Ashunderfire862327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

What? this game stole the show, and many of the trailers for the new games are CGI anyway. A day one buy October 9th.

Rainstorm812327d ago

As i said, it doesnt look bad at all, it was visually stunning, but after my extended time with Skyrim and the many other FPS games, im a little tired of First person adventure/action/rpg with melee and stealth. But thats just me, Tomb Raider would appeal to me more than this, but hey thats just my preference.

Hisiru2327d ago

Looks cool but I need a demo or more gameplay footage.

RememberThe3572327d ago

Stole the show? The show hasn't started yet.

ardivt2327d ago

Let's just wait until the game is released before thinking about buying or not buying it. Maybe it's the best game this gen, maybe the worst. let's lust wait before judging.

SuperLupe2327d ago

Game looks stellar, exactly my kind of game, single player story oriented game.

mananimal2327d ago

lol, Im sorry but I dont STILL dont see what all the HYPE IS about this game, ??? the graphics are just ok, the animations arent that good or SMOOTH. Ive seen blood before in a shooter ok, ?? lol, so the slow motion take "TO HIGHLIGHT" those bloody knife scenes
ONLY furthers my point that this game is just AVERAGE at best. The stilt walker like enemys is right out of Half Life's game lore in its series, the old school 1800's setting mixed with Modern Tech is just "NOT VERY COOL", lol im sorry to have to tell you. Im still not impressed & like Ive already said, THIS SHOOTER being MARKETED TO the NEW AGE MODERN DAY FPS GAMER(ie: Cod crowd lol) who wasnt around to play the REAL CLASSIC FPS SINGLE PLAYER GAMES of the past(ie: Half Life series, Doom 3 ,Wolfenstein series, etc) so some of this games LORE, which are just RIPOFF IDEAS & ART LORE from past FPS's, may SEEM NEW & COOL TO THEM, lol. I say EPIC FAIL, as it measures to other AAA FPS single player, story driven games. Not even close to being classic. not impressed at all.

Oh_Yeah2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

@mananimal come on dude, you really think doom, wolfenstien or half life meausure up to bethesdas & co. current work? fallout, skyrim, and this are pretty much greater than every other first person game to date. im sorry but they get it right. the other games just arnt deep enough with customization or the way you can play the game or the worlds they create. im expecting this to be right up there with the elder scrolls and fallout series in quality.

Oh_Yeah2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

you also realize like ive told you before, these guys were from behind half life, bioshock, and deus ex artwork...and you still deny no wonder it looks like it has some similarities, feller yous a hater

IaMs122326d ago

It reminds me exactly of Bioshock actually. Which is a good thing for me.

SockeyBoy2326d ago

Available everywhere...exept Australia.

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Chuk52327d ago

Well, that trailer was nice, but idk i need to see a demo of it. In a lot of ways this game maybe carry on the spirit of prey 2, but this trailer didn't really get me pumped.

Kingdom Come2327d ago

Prey 2's not been cancelled and I believe it's confirmed to he making an appearance at this years E3...

mananimal2327d ago

we'll see if Prey 2 shows up, If its now touting "multi player", than my suspicions will have proven correct, & that IMO, was the REAL REASON for its delay by its Publisher BETHESDA. Prey 2 WAS on its way to being a really SICK single player focused FPS in the vain of Bioshock. But IM AFRAID THE PUBLISHER & its INVESTORS didnt want to PRODUCE such a CORE experience for the FPS CONSOLE MARKET this Gen without some watered downed ONLINE(mulitplayer)/DRM(maybe some disc-locked DLC planned in advance) included with it imo. Never the less, I dont expect Prey 2 to be as CORE & Great as it would have been if the Developer Human Head had its way, its to bad, I was really REALLY looking forward to Prey 2, now Im afraid to even pay much attention to it, fearing theyve been FORCED TO created Frankenstein for $$$ by Publisher/Investors instead of what could have been a REAL AAA FPS SINGLE PLAYER STORY DRIVEN CLASSIC. ..but hey, I hope Im wrong, I really do, we'll see ....

izumo_lee2327d ago

Another Bethesda published game. I wonder how many bugs is this game gonna have? Especially for the PS3 system eh? /s

xAlmostPro2327d ago

Bethesda are the publisher not developers.

izumo_lee2327d ago

I know that i was just being sarcastic..some people do not seem to take a joke.

TruthSeeker2326d ago

There is a Bethesda Game Studios developer :

xAlmostPro2327d ago

The joke wasn't funny. Mostly because as a joke it makes no sense at all. If they were developing then the sarcasm/joke would have made sense.

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