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Batzi2392d ago

I don't know what to say.

BiggCMan2392d ago

No I did not rike it so much. My interest went down severely after the new game was shown at the VGA's in December. This just solidifies my lack of interest really. It's a real shame to, cuz the original idea for the game looks really awesome. This just looks like another average game from Platinum. Until Platinum can finally do something different from their normal, they won't be a respectable developer in my opinion.

Hisiru2392d ago

I was expecting this game to be really bad (thanks to last year's VGA trailer) but now I think it looks decent, probably a good acion game.

Still, it's not Metal Gear.

I will probably buy it because of the Metal Gear name + Platinum Games name. This can't be bad, right?

SuperLupe2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Fantastic ... needn't add anything else.

Oh and I love the "WROOONG" at the end :)

dark-hollow2392d ago

real metal gear or not.
they can call it fury of the gay robotic ninja 2 for all i care!
as long as its a game developed by platinum, ill buy!

Spenok2392d ago

Totally agree. This looks even better then when they first showed it off. And the best part about it is Kojima Productions is fully in charge of the story! So its a freaking win win situation. :D

fei-hung2392d ago

I know exactly what to say!

1) Devil May What?
2) is who?
3) Ninja has what theory?

Platinum Games are legends and with Kojima Productions and Mr Hideo, this games looks sweeter everytime. DMC trailers look old and dated next to this. Take note NT, shit lotsa action, moving environments, large obstacles / enemies and still sweeter than honey, fluid 60fps gameplay! Watch the master at work people!

BiggCMan2392d ago

Platinum Games are legends? I'm sorry, they are not legends after only a small amount of average action games, and only 5 or 6 years of existence. And Kojima is not developing this game, it's not really his work. He's just checking up on it occasionally. The reason he is practically the only one they show interviews with is because nobody else is well known enough to matter.

dark-hollow2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


bayonetta, vanquish, madworld, okami and viewtiful joe (most key devs from clover studios are aboard in platinum so okami and viewtiful joe counts)

and they got talnted people like Hideki Kamiya.
hell ill always hold them in a high regards just for making okami alone.

fei-hung2392d ago


You must be new to the gaming world so let me a good Samaritan and help you:

A) PG was founded by Shinji Mikami, Hideo Kamiya and Atsushi Anaba.

B) they were part of Capcoms awesome Clover studios as well as the reason behind many of Capcoms success in Capcoms golden era (last gen)

C) between them they have created and founded the following games:

1) Resident Evil
2) Okami
3) Ace Attorney
4) Viewtiful Joe
5) Devil May Cry
6) God Hand
7) Bayonetta
8) Mad World
9) Vanquish

All the above games have been critically successful with some of them having a huge following and others becoming classics.

PG is not just another studio like NT which talks a lot and fails to deliver, this is a small, quiet studio which delivers quality games over and over again. PG don't do interviews much and remember, Hideo knows his games and the industry better than you and I and it was he who wanted PG and approved of their ideas and concepts.

Average action games? To date, no hack n slash has come near the level of action as Bayonetta, an almost 3 year old game.

Vanquish was like Gears on Steroids and Crack and again, not seen a 3rd person action shooter come close to that pace and all out action.

Your opinion of average... well is your opinion but not shared by the majority of gamers who have played PG games.

JokesOnYou2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

fei-hung, the verbal lesson you just gave lilCMan can be considered child abuse in some states...I know if you live in Cali the n4g police will be knocking on your door real soon. lmfao

btw, Bayonetta had the best combat animation this gen, I just thought the story & music could use some work, Rising looks like it will definitely kick azz in game play too, but that music needs alot of work.

fei-hung2391d ago


I agree with you, the music deffo needs some work. I hope they fuse some of the MGS music with some more high octane music for combat or just anything which is not like the music from the trailer.

As someone who has been gaming for the last 24 years, I loved the homeage they payed to Sega cult classic Space Harrier. I almost had tears of joy coming down my face. They even put in the Space Harrier music!

Bayonetta was awesome. It was a shame the story wasn't as good as Devil May Cry, but the gameplay more than made it up for me.

On another note all together, I was about to buy Batman AC yesterday and I came across a brands new copy of Devil May Cry HD Collection. After I finish sipping my vanilla earl grey tea and smoking double apple and mint shisha, I will embark on my quest to defeat Mundus!

JokesOnYou2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

fei-hung, its evident you know alot about good gaming, DMC is great, 1 & 3 were my favorites, beat them both on Dante Must Die mode if I remember correctly. Hey by all means take your time and enjoy your tea and shisha but Batman AC is a must play whenever you get the chance, not the best combat system really, but very interesting game from beginning to end.

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OmegaSlayer2392d ago

I expected a bit more.
That's one of the games I was looking more.
Raiden+action+PlatinumGames is still a must buy but.
Wasn't convinced 100% by the trailer but dunno why, just a feeling.
Lots of interesting things but lack of pace.
Can't wait to see full demo gameplay though.

Christopher2391d ago

At least it's not their last trailer.

This looks like Ninja Gaiden, though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but not your usual MGS game. Far from.

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Rainstorm812392d ago

With my disappointment in Ninja Gaiden 3, this looks like it could partially fill that hole.....looks interesting

PirateThom2392d ago

1. What is up with that music?

2. At least the human enemies now have blood.

3. Opinion hasn't changed. Might be a good game, but this is not Metal Gear.

Batzi2392d ago

It's coming my friend. The authentic stealth Metal Gear is coming. July 2012.

izumo_lee2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

It is a Metal Gear game in the same lines as Acid is. However i do not think it is part of the Solid storyline hence the name change.

I do like the fact that this trailer was not as cheesy as the first one was. The music probably is not done by Harry Gregson-Williams so that epic soundtrack of past Solid games may be missing.

This is so much like Bayonetta now but without the sex appeal. It looks like it plays so much similar to it.

Dravidian2392d ago

1. music is fine
2. agreed
3. For me, Metal Gear is all about story and this seems to have it. It also seems to have integrated the initial idea of action stealth back into the game.

4. Now, dont get me wrong, I love metal gear and all, but you seem a bit hung up on the name. If its a good game who really cares what you call it [especially since its not considered part of the main story].

5. I know some people care a lot about names, but some -not necessarily you- seem willing to miss out on a good game because of their personal opinion [which completely ignores the creators opinion] of what a game should be called

6. ...I just wanted to type 6 =P

rdgneoz32392d ago

1) No, dear god, the music is not fine.

2) Yep

3) It might have a story, but how good it is probably won't be anywhere close the the previous games. Also, the "action stealth" looked like basically opening combat moves / surprise attacks to start the fights, not the "you can play the whole game no stealth no-kill" like mentioned originally.

4) It's similar to why people were upset about the new DMC main character being called Dante when he wasn't Dante at all (when it was originally cannon or prequel). Names having meaning. This is just a spin off in the same universe, not cannon, so using MGR is a good thing.

5) I agree some great games are missed because of personal opinion, but if a company milks/abuses a franchises/name then they deserve the lose of sales. In this case, they used MGR to show its a spin off. If they said it was the same time line and it was cannon, people would probably be pissed.
Also, its not made by the original creator, its by a completely different company so they aren't ignoring the "original" creator's opinion.

6) Two can play this game...

fei-hung2392d ago

For some reason, the flashing words and narration made me think of Kony and how the whole Kony, child army, kidnapping kids may be integral to the story.

Fez2392d ago

"[You are] wrong.... WRONG!" haha

The music could have been better. And who thought that last 'wrong' was essential to the trailer. It sounds ridiculous lol.

This looks pretty fun though. Not a massive hack and slash fan but MGR could turn me into one.

Lord_Sloth2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Nope. It's not MGS. It's MGR. The next MGS has yet to be announced so just enjoy this till then. I know I'm looking forward to it. We don't get enough Japanese action anymore.

INehalemEXI2392d ago

my gf loves that song. Would be sweet if it had MGR Online.

2392d ago
SuperLupe2392d ago

Damn man knock off the hating just for once, you've been bashing this game they day the announced it even if they hadn't shown any gameplay.

It has the Metal gear name and its on the 360 also, a machine you hate, we get it.

the trailer looked fantastic, a big improvement from what they showed last year and the Metal Gear feel is a lot more present than before.

Anyway, your hate wont change sh!t, if the game is as good as it looks this is a straight AAA experience and having Metal Gear in the name means sales flop = impossible.

Glad to know when the game is gonna be out you're gonna be hurting real bad.

Studio-YaMi2392d ago

Since when did PirateThom hate the 360 ?

PLEASE SuperLupe,don't talk about others hating when you alone hold one of the top 10 annoying xbox360 fanboys on this site,you're comment history is a disgrace and you also like to troll a lot,and now you have the nerve to speak about PirateThom who is one of the respected and honest people here on N4G ? go back to your troll hole !

VonBraunschweigg2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Speaking for PirateThom, it has nothing to do with the xBox, MGS2 and 3 were also released on xBox. The thing is, you can sneak Kojima on stage at E3, you can shout all you want about "Metal Gear" finally coming to xBox, but it's just bullshitting your customers. MGR isn't MGS, Lightning Bolt Action isn't Tactical Espionage Action. No Snake in the game, no Kojima at the helm...this is a spin-off. Might be a fun game, but it's no MGS, it's not a part 5 in a masterpiece series, it's the first of a new series, with totally different gameplay.

As a fan of MG(S) since MSX in '88 I'm not really looking out for this. The only thing that will get my attention is Metal Gear Solid 5, a true new MGS game.

PirateThom2392d ago

Yeah, it's nothing to do with the 360. I'm a fan of the series and I was actually really happy when the HD collection was released on both platforms because more people would get to play my favourite series and maybe some people would stop knocking the games for being "movies".

My issue with this is it's a hack and slash and not a stealth game. I want my Metal Gear Solid, not Metal Gear Rising. This game is very much "Vienna" in that it means nothing to me.

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BigDollarZoe9542392d ago

Not really a metal gear game but a real damn good looking game from what i seen in this trailer

thehitman2392d ago

Looks like an interesting cross of DMC and NG. May not be MGS but maybe a decent game in the end still. MGS4 is still my top 5 games for this gen.

STARS2392d ago

Agreed. Bar none Platinum Games know action, and in that regard Rising could be amongst the best in the business as far as fast, frantic-paced hack n' slash action goes. Definitely strays from the Metal Gear path but that certainly doesn't mean it can't be a good game for what it is.

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