Imageepoch holding Toki to Towa localization meeting

Gematsu: "Imageepoch is holding a meeting to determine whether or not it will bring its PlayStation 3 HD animation role-playing game Toki to Towa to the United States."

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Godmars2902386d ago

So they're not going to wait and see how it sells in Japan?

You'd think they'd just look at the sales numbers of Neptunia and the other reemerging JRPG series to make their choice. Taking into account that they're doing something different besides.

iamthebozz2386d ago

I hope their meeting ends with them deciding to release the game in the West.

Spenok2386d ago

Lol I agree. This game looks fantastic.

izumo_lee2386d ago

GOD i hope this game gets localized no matter how well it sells. I love these lesser known JRPGs like Neptunia, Ar Tonelico, Atelier series and this games presentation looks very different & unique.

I am glad the CEO of Imageepoch is at least considering rather than not doing anything at all.

Hicken2386d ago

I've bought at least one game in all three of those series this gen, and would have bought the other Aetlier and Neptunia releases had I not been so short on funds. Assuming I have the money, I'll buy this too.

Screw how well it does in Japan; it's almost guaranteed to be worth it here in the West, despite what many Japanese developers believe, and despite what some ignorant Japanophobes attempt to spread.

izumo_lee2386d ago

You know i am tired of some Japanese developers so afraid of localizing games fearing they will not sell.

All the games i mentioned sure do not sell a ton but thank god companies like NISA & Xseed are around to do it cause they understand there are extremely dedicated gamers who would LOVE to play those games. Heck despite extremely negative reviews the first Neptunia game still sold close to 300K worldwide & 180K in the americas alone. That is good for something that niche.

I really hope Imageepoch & Bamco will stray away from the norm & localize this game.

kreate2386d ago

If u live in socal u can borrow all my ps3 rpgs. I got all of them. Bought 2 copies of most of them. So i can i keep one sealed and one for me to play.

Only one i dont have is the tales of graces f.

Godmars2902386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

That the series you mention seem to have become series, not just one-shots, would suggest that there's enough of a market to attract and support JRPG devs.

Just wish they wouldn't seem to be so quick to fall into these "old" tropes as soon as they create them. That was the same issue with PS2 games which made it hard for them - among other things - to find their footing this gen.

TheRichterBelmont2386d ago

Neptunia and the Atelier games look cool, but after seeing the trailer and premise of this game, I want this the most.

Will be real upset if it's not brought over here.

Chrono2386d ago

Another RPG featuring teen girls as the heroes that will save the world. How many of these do we need?

Hicken2385d ago

ALL OF THEM. Got a problem with it?

Nobody's forcing you to go into a niche genre and buy even more niche titles.