Vampires?! Really?

Shola of - "I have no doubt that the folks at Bethesda will make this a thought-provoking and engaging story arc, I was just hoping for something more relevant to the grand scheme of things."

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dark-hollow2384d ago

at least they dont glitter in direct sunlight....

MaxXAttaxX2384d ago

Skyrim: Breaking Dawn....guard

WeskerChildReborned2384d ago

Man i wish the Twilight series never exsisted cause now, when people hear vampire, they think of sparkly mofos.

CAPTelmo2384d ago

I was really hoping for Viking long boats raiding the northern coastline in 'The Black Pearl' style ghost ships raping and pillaging and then vanishing in the fog... balls!

Fez2384d ago

It's okay, he wants to rape and pillage, not just rape.

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The story is too old to be commented.