[Twinfinite] Will Future Gamers Be Able to Play This Generation?

With the rocky release of Diablo III, I figured now would be as good a time as any to just make a few observations about the strangeness of modern gaming in general. Gaming has changed so much in just the past ten years that it only slightly resembles what it used to be. Features that were considered unique in prior generations are now standards in modern games. Downloadable content and internet connection has literally changed the way we play and consume games. Will we even be able to play this generation of games in the future? Will future gamers have the same interest in this generation as we do for the consoles we grew up with? SOURCE:

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dedicatedtogamers2386d ago

Yes, and here's why:

Let's consider the absolute worst-case scenario: for some reason, all of these old game servers go down and these games can't be played on the official servers. Okay, well, use unofficial servers. Even World of Warcraft can be played for free on a hacked, private server. The original Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast (whose servers have been down for YEARS) still has private hacked servers.

But that's not going to happen. When you can go online and buy a 15-year-old game on for $5, there ain't no way companies will let modern games slide by the wayside. If anything, it will only get easier and easier to play older games as technology becomes more integrated. 12+ years ago, playing "old" games meant fiddling with a million settings and spending hours downloading patches, fixes, etc. 10 years ago, playing "old" games simply meant loading it through DOSbox. Nowadays, playing "old" games means buying a pre-patched, pre-tested, fully compatible version of the game online for a few bucks. In the future, playing "old" games will only get easier.

Bimkoblerutso2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Except that this is really the first generation that hasn't relied exclusively on physical discs. Hell, technically we don't even own the games we buy nowadays. We're really just renting the right to play the games. Things have become RIDICULOUSLY more complicated since the days of CD keys and patches.

I mean, yes, we could all just jump on a private server, but that's hardly what I would call "gaming getting easier" as time goes on when I can simply throw Grim Fandango into an old Win98 computer I have sitting around and go to town.

PersonMan2386d ago

15 years from now, I wanna turn on my PS3, pop in Uncharted 3 and play it. Are the updates going to still be downloadable? Am I going to need to figure out how to update the firmware on this ancient thing to play an old favorite? Is it even going to be compatible with the current line of TVs? I was wondering about all of this today.

By the way, if you open up a brand new PS3 and do not sign up for PSN, none of your save games will work because they're tied to the PSN account that made them. The PS3 also does not tell you which PSN account they're tied to, so if the service is down or you forget your account info, you'll have to start a new game from scratch.

Neko_Mega2386d ago

I been going back to playing my Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn, heck most old school games for Playstation that comes to the PSN Store. I buy them, even if it is a old game, its fun going back and playing them.

s45gr322386d ago

this really worries me as a gamer. The simple fact that we as gamers no longer own our games. In the past like the article stated you could play any old game easily local multiplayer and single player. Now that digital services exist it make me think that only will I play these games for a limited time not forever like the old days.......

2pacalypsenow2386d ago

Yeah they will just have to buy it digitally for 39.99 8 years from now