AMD Ditches Monthly Driver Release Schedule

AMD graphics card owners will no longer see a fresh set of driver updates each month. As revealed in the Catalyst 12.6 Beta release notes, the company is moving away from a monthly release schedule to “ensure that every Catalyst release delivers a substantial benefit to our end users.”

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ATi_Elite2385d ago

and this is why Myself and many others have been switching to Nvidia.

I just can't see myself buying seconds rate cards with third rate support anymore.

Lazy_Sunday2385d ago

Your name certainly supports your claim lol

hiredhelp2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

are you frikken kidden me second rate cards and support.??? I have had many ati cards from refrence to OC recent years been 4870 to 6970 to latest 7970
not had issues. at least not as bad as gtx 500 series witch now seem to have followed onto the 680 sure not everyone has issues, but they fare out weigh my problems with AMD.
No more screen tearing when vsync on, no more TDR or lock up's, No more having to add submitted responses to the hundreds people also moaning in same boat on the nvidia forums.
If nvidia had chosen to invest in better quality drivers not stay with same people who produced same drivers for the fermi range the peoblems be a whole load better but they will not pay out...
Fedup with the wars going on between green vs red all the time bad enough u got console wars.

I was gonna sell my 7970 get 680 glad i waited after getting burnt before cos same old stuff happening again Only with more faults (driver related im sure.)

"QUOTE" Posted Yesterday, 03:12 AM
Hey guys Im getting the dreaded black screen then followed by:

Display Driver Has Stopped Responding and Successfully Recovered.... pop up error

I just built my rig, and this happened from day one. I've tried it all, even clean installs with all windows updates prior to mobo and video card drivers. Nothing seems to fix it.

"QUOTE"Posted Yesterday, 05:36 PM
I'm getting the same problem on a very similar system. Periodically, the screen stops updating, goes black, and then recovers with a systray message that the display driver was recovered.

Also if you read the article the writer said something intresting

"the amount of problems you see usually outweigh those on the Nvidia front."

UPDATE Sorry bad ass morning didnt mean to bitch people ignore me bear sore head.

AKS2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

How long could you have have you been frustrated with AMD cards being behind Nvidia? In my view AMD was a bit ahead in terms of hardware until the GTX 680 and 670 were released.

For example, the 6950 was generally on par with the GTX 560Ti, and the 6950 was often more powerful in dual card configurations. The 6990 was also more powerful than the GTX 590. Dual 6970s CF configurations were brutally powerful as far as last generation cards go.

I would agree that AMD has been too slow with drivers, but their cards have not been outclassed as you claim until quite recently. Nvidia steps up their game with their most recent batch of cards to take the lead and suddenly AMD has always been horrible?

I'm planning on buying an EVGA GTX 680 4GB FTW (if I can find one), so I'm also jumping over to Nvidia for awhile (from 2x CF 6950s), but I think you're exaggerating faults of AMD.

dirthurts2384d ago

Nvidia, and AMD both have great drivers. Most of the problems people run into are actually from the game itself not properly supporting cards.
It's the game developers responsibility to make sure the games run on current cards, NOT the responsibility of AMD/Nvidia to go back and fix what the developers screwed up when they launched the game.

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rodiabloalmeida2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Great. Now driver bugs that usually lasts 3 months to be resolved will take 6 months or more to go away. Buy a game now, play 3 months later. Thats their new motto. geez...

tee_bag2422385d ago

Very few people have positive things to say about AMD drivers. Yes nNidia have great driver support. Still I just ordered a gaming laptop with 7979m crossfired because they were alot quicker than nVidias mobile offerings. I usually don't buy games upon release so it's not a deal breaker for me but still no excuse, AMD need to pull their finger out.

Skynetone2385d ago

i dont have anything amd, but steam insists on installing every known amd driver

i dont think nvidia are any better, having random black screens for months, i was thinking my gpu was failing so i installed an earlier driver but still the same problem, yes the fresh install option, it seemed to get worse every week, until i installed a year and a half old driver and know all is well

im done updating drivers unless for some reason its unavoidable

tee_bag2422385d ago

How can someone disagree with your personal experience ?! Lol anyway sometimes with drivers if is not broke you shouldn't fix it

Grap2385d ago

still can't play The witcher 2 on amd and i can play BF3 on high.

tee_bag2422385d ago

I just depends on the card. I can play both in my old setup with a ancient 4850. Im worried about the new rig though.

Kur02385d ago

Agreed, I can play BF3 on high at 1080p at around 40ish fps but the witcher 2 runs on medium at 720p at 20fps.

tee_bag2422385d ago

I see. I think I know what u mean. Yeh Witcher 2 runs like a bag of rusty nails for me too.

banjadude2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Don't worry Grap, I can't even get RAGE to work.
After the initial cutscene, the game just slows to a major stutter-fest.

Edit: I have two (2x) Radeon 5800s.

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