What Does Sony Have Up Their Sleeves For E3?

With Sony’s E3 conference only a few days away, the platform holder has been spewing game announcements left right and center. So why aren’t they keeping everything for E3? - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2390d ago

Maybe they are just trying to saturate the web with enough stuff that the major announcements wont get leaked. Or maybe its just Sony being Sony...

ftwrthtx2390d ago

I'm sure they are saving some big juicy secret for the main event.

gaden_malak2390d ago


Just trying to think of which of the in house studios is not doing anything known.

fei-hung2390d ago

I hope we get a proper PS3 Slim announced along with some new apps and games for the Vita.

black9112390d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3
GTa sanadreas stories
The Agent
Eight Days
Granturismo 6

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The story is too old to be commented.