Next-Gen Console Wars: 10 Steps to Dominance for the Wii U

"With Nintendo's Wii follow-up, the Wii U, due at the end of this year, the talk of next-generation consoles is already crackling. Soon we'll be overcome with rumors, leaks, and speculation about the eighth generation of game systems, which includes the next hardware from Microsoft and Sony. But what are at least 10 things each console manufacturer needs to do to find success in the next iteration of the system wars? Previously, Microsoft and Sony were in the spotlight. This week, it's time to see what Nintendo must do if it wants the Wii U to come out on top.", writes GameSpot.

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ThePsychoGamer2359d ago

The article forgot the most important part, be region free.

koh2359d ago

You are unbelievably single-minded, you've been plastering this message everywhere haha. At least you know what you want, I guess.

dark-hollow2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

it would be a HUGE relief if it is region free, but not deal breaking if it wasnt.

the ps2 and the wii were region locked yet they are the best selling consoles in their generation.

linkratos2359d ago

You are persistent, I'll give you that. I have no use for region-free but I hope they include it just for you.

linkenski2359d ago

I really just hope Nintendo will bring some sort of hardcore new IP game on the show. I believe most of us are starting to grow tired of the same ol' Big N franchises.

Bringing back Kid Icarus on the 3DS was a relief! But imagine something completely new (that isn't meant to be for the whole family) and hopefully something with an unique artsyle (not anime plz. It's boring)

kikizoo2359d ago

"live long or fade fast", the last step, is the real problem with every nintendo's consoles since n64.

"For the Wii U to beat the later arrivals of the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, it must have some elements of future proofing."

that sounds just impossible :

1/it's nintendo
2/the others come later.