Team Fortress 2′s Meet The Pyro Dated


"At this time of the year, the gaming industry grounds to a screeching halt.

For one week only, the entire industry looks at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place and every major publisher and developer collectively make announcements and show off new product.

Valve, similar to Rockstar and Bungie, are typically low-key at the event. Even this year, they simply have a booth and are not taking press appointments, which leads to the assumption that no major announcements will take place.

Instead, we’ve been left with one interesting tidbit that’ll undoubtedly set Team Fortress 2 fans – dare I say it – on fire."

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Proeliator2364d ago

... that description... really?

user54670072364d ago

Well you know what I'm really "burning" to see instead...Half life 3

BadCircuit2363d ago

Half Life 3 = Duke Nukem? Will we ever see it? Years later

Proeliator2363d ago

Possibly... maybe... before the end of times...