gamrReview - 6 Games The Would Be Awesome on Wii U

Alex St-Amour from gamrReview writes: ' For this article I decided to look at six of the main elements of the new console and apply them to established franchises to see how the Wii U’s capabilities can be applied in numerous different ways. Remember, nothing here is confirmed (yet) and this piece is all in good fun, but of course if anyone from Nintendo R&D is reading, my email is on the ‘team’ page (call me).'

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Spectator12384d ago

Like Xmas, so it'll be a huge anti-climax :P

Gen0ne2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Other M 2? No. WAY. A new HD Prime? Cool. Or ( perhaps) better yet, an HD Super Metroid. Ahh... just typing it makes me feel better.

dark-hollow2384d ago

A new super metroid would be cool, and but I think it suits the 3ds more.

Gen0ne2384d ago

Man, Super Metroid on my 3DS... I might cry.