Does a lack of transfarring mean Zone of the Enders: HD Edition won’t be headed to Vita?

Japanese box art paints a questionable picture for the Vita version.

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sinncross2361d ago

Hopefully it just means that they realise that actually having a Konami name for a feature other PSV/ PS3 games already have was a stupid idea.

I am sure a PSV version is still coming.

wanieldiik2360d ago

I think it only means that the vita version won't have that transfarring thing. Nothing more than that.

fermcr2360d ago

Oh boy. Why the hell would i want the games that are coming out on HD consoles to be on the Vita. I want original games on a handheld and not ports from HD consoles. I want games on a handheld that can be only played on the handheld, else, what's the point? If it's the same game, i prefer playing it on a big a** TV, instead of a small 5" screen.

r212360d ago

so you like playing on a big a** screen right? well, some like to play on small screens and wanna experience console-like games on the go. besides, no need to complain when you arent obviously gonna buy it, am i right good sir?

PirateThom2360d ago

But, this is a port of PS2 games...

AgreeFairy2360d ago

Kojima hasn't got around to it yet. He's too busy sucking Microsoft's balls.