One Major Reason Gaming Will Not Mature(And How To Fix It)

Steve 'jsslifelike' Conger writes, "By the article’s title alone, you’re no doubt thinking about parity with the film industry, rating systems(and the complete parental disregard toward them) or even every man’s mortal enemy. Any of these could possibly be dead-on at other points in the calendar year, but the most detrimental force during the days and weeks leading up to the industry’s most high-profile annual trade show comes from within it’s ethos."

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Jonmau52359d ago

You write: "If you’re not breaking stories, you’re nothing. Some may call it “hustle”, but immaturity seems a better fit."

I have never read anything I have agreed with more so than this statement.

Great article, I'm going to repost it.

Hardlydan2359d ago

I am doing my best to steer clear of anything that mentions E3. I want to be able to see it without any expectations. That however hasn't stopped me making my own predictions.

Great article. Keep hustling ;)