E3 2012: Metro: Last Light Preview- Look into the light


"Metro: Last Light is another sequel in THQ‘s sequel-heavy line up of titles that I am definitely now interested in, more so for the story than the graphics or gameplay...

What we were shown was a big step up from their last Metro game, and has me excited to see even more."

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gaminoz2387d ago

This game sounds better and better. I like that they are adding some more 'colour' to the game's outdoor section.

BadCircuit2387d ago

Thank goodness. I'm sick of grey, brown, and blue filters overused...

Proeliator2387d ago

@gaminoz Glad to see the outdoor sections are amped up! in 2033, they were bleak and dead - part of the atmosphere no doubt, but I'm glad they're different this time around.

Hooshuwashu2387d ago

more metro is good metro!

Belgavion2387d ago

Probably time I played the first one!

Proeliator2387d ago

Best atmosphere in gaming, hands-down.

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