Dear SquareEnix: Please Do Not Remake Final Fantasy VII

Epic Slash writes: Final Fantasy VII is quite literally one of the most talked about RPG’s in existence and is known by almost every gamer no matter their genre of preference. It seems to land on every “Top 10″ or “Favorite” list relevant to the RPG genre, sometimes even on lists it doesn’t even belong in. As the trend of HD remakes has become more common the fans have continued to scream out one loud phrase:

Please remake Final Fantasy VII.

But that I say no, just no. Please Square for the love of mana, do not remake Final Fantasy VII no matter what.

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zeal0us2385d ago

They need to focus on games/projects that need to be complete.

egidem2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Agreed. And they seem to be having that issue as well - announce games that never see a release daylight; but continue to crunch out other games that no one wants or asked for in the first place.

crxss2385d ago

They'd probably ruin their own game.... How is that possible you might ask? Oh it's SE that's how.

RedDead2385d ago

It's getting remade for Vita. Will be announced at E3.

INehalemEXI2385d ago

sounds like a good way to move vitae :)

richierich2385d ago

Dear SquareEnix Please remake FF7

NovusTerminus2385d ago

Make a sequel, a remake would be awesome and all. But I kinda wanna see where this Genesis storyline is going.

versusALL2385d ago

I'm getting tired of these articles about Final Fantasy VII.

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The story is too old to be commented.