Resistance Burning Skies Gets a Patch

The patch will bring the title up to version 1.01 and is 19mb's in size.

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ftwrthtx2388d ago

It needed it. I have had a hard time playing online.

TerminalGamer2388d ago

Great game. Glad to see they are workingh quickly to smash bugs.

mafiahajeri2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Good Im dling the game now I hope the online is fixed with this update. These are the kind of devs I like to support not devs that ignore the community and trake ages to fix their game...

ftwrthtx2388d ago

I connected on my 1st try this time. Took me 10+ tries before the patch.

mafiahajeri2388d ago

Ahaa good to hear thanks for the info, see you online :)

jaketimate2388d ago

i can't start the game after the patch :S when try to play it it will loads forever:S

Redtide2388d ago

same after this patch i cant even start the game infinite loading screen

ftwrthtx2388d ago

Maybe they can help you at the official forums:

MemphisMayFire19932388d ago

It took my game a few minutes to load up after the update

Redtide2388d ago

patch sucks sure you can get in a lobby with people but the match never starts

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