Game Genie helps you cheat your way through PS3 games

PSU writes: "Remember the Game Genie? Well Hyperkin is releasing Game Genie: Save Editor for PlayStation 3 to help unlock cheats that will assist bad/lazy gamers blow through levels and whole games. The product works by modifying save data with cheat codes that unlock a variety of possibilities. Hyperkin plans to debut the Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 at E3 next week."

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jc485732152d ago

unlock street fighter x tekken characters?

Dir_en_grey2151d ago

lol, next thing you know they will be charging for Game Genie codes as DLC too... (hope I didn't give the Game Genie developers any ideas)

Snookies122152d ago

Hmmm interesting, I'm assuming it disables trophies though lol.

Emilio_Estevez2152d ago

Yeah, you have to mod the save file, which will disable trophies.

Nitrowolf22152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

No trophies still work. I've kept my eye on these for a while now.

"It works through a USB flash drive that contains an installation program. This allows you to transfer save files between the PS3 and PC. A PC program in the USB drive will write cheats onto your save files. Then you’ll transfer the edited save files from PC back to the PS3. It comes with a continuously updated server that adds new codes to the newest games."

This stuff is already available and been for months now. Nothing new at all.

Pretty much the cheats will be for trophies. Making them easier to obtain. SO rather then beat a game on hardest difficulty in a few days this will let you be on the last segment right away.

Terrble device.

WitWolfy2152d ago

I hate this device, bought one 2 years go for xbox thinking yeah now I can get like God for that game, and infinite credits for that game.. Just to see its user saves being uploaded to their program.. whoopy do!!! why call it a game genie??? thats so misleading its a save game genie actually...

yewles12152d ago

This will only fly if they make sure it doesn't work for multi-player...

Nitrowolf22152d ago

It won't
This is already available just as a different product name. It doesn't work for MP because game developers are smart enough to have the MP data on the HDD rather then in the saves. Only game this would work for MP is COD4

Hellsvacancy2151d ago

Are games too hard for you? games this gen have been too easy imo, with a few exceptions

NastyLeftHook02151d ago

nope, demon/dark souls should be the standard for rpg's.

thebudgetgamer2151d ago

What you PS3 kids aren't good enough to finish games without help? Bums.

ShaunCameron2151d ago

The same can be said about PC gamers. After all they cry about not being able to enjoy a game that won't let them mod it.

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