Resistance Brings Vita To Whole New Levels (Preview)

PushStartSelect: "At first I was scared that Resistance would be a little clunky. It looks amazing, but so did Uncharted and while I love the game to death Uncharted’s controls were a litter weird. Resistance on the other hand is extremely responsive and perfect in almost every way. The visuals are not hampered at all, and its everything I wanted from a Vita game. Back when PSP was launched Sony was talking about console like graphics (at the time PS2) and I feel Resistance on the Vita is what they wanted the entire time. It plays well, looks amazing, and is worth every penny."

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edwineverready2390d ago

I love to play the mp at my work. (nightshifts at hotel)

morganfell2390d ago

I was kicked off once the first night but things have been very stable in MP now after that small update. The engine is great looking, incredible lighting, and I am loving the quick ax access. The Bullseye tap is just one example of intuitive controls.

But the MP tonight has been ferocious. Most fun I have ever had in MP on a handheld device and it is great MP on any platform.

SoldierX2390d ago

I am finally playing my Vita again thanks to the title..I hope they keep the solid games coming, they are far in between so far.

Smokingunz2390d ago

This guy really loves resistance! He speaks so highly of it lol. I'm a huge fan of the series myself and very much enjoyed the campaign. Online is good as well. A 7/10 for me.