Hitman HD collection outed?

Could it be true in the face of the new game coming to consoles later this year? A chance for gamers to relive some of Hitman's finer moments?

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bunt-custardly2391d ago

Now this will be sweet. I don't care which platform it appears on PS3, Xbox or whatever. I want it now!

NYC_Gamer2391d ago

Where is Hitman: Codename 47?

ShadesMoolah2391d ago

Ah, don't mind if double-dip on this one.

HeartlesskizZ2391d ago

yay I really hope it does get release!

MrBeatdown2391d ago

This wasn't an HD collection I had been hoping for (I want GTA, Burnout, and Max Payne), mainly because these games weren't much to look at even on PS2, but I'd give it a go.

It would be nice if Blood Money was a port from the 360 version as opposed to the PS2 version.

GamingManiac2391d ago

I would kill for a GTA HD collection!!!! Burnout too!!!

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