Sony’s Biggest E3 Announcements Ever

"Before E3 kicks off next week, take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the PlayStation brand’s biggest E3 announcements of all-time. Plus, get a preview of this year’s festivities as we take a look at E3s of year’s past and present." - PSLS

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dbjj120882390d ago

New Vita functionality please.

Sev2390d ago

Shit, I'll even take already promised Vita functionality, like real Remote Play, and PSOne games.

Dying to see what this cloud-gaming stuff is all about.

pixelsword2390d ago

I know *nothing* about the Vita: does it run off of discs or is it all downloads? and if it plays PS1 games, let's say you still have a PS1 disc; does it play the disc or do you have to buy DLC?

darthv722390d ago

if the original announcement of "cloud" gaming was met with criticism (onlive) then why is it now a good thing?

Is it because it is being announced by sony?

I know trends and perceptions change if the right company at the right time does it but it isnt like this is something being reborn (like 3d has tried to do so many times).

Its as + cloud gaming = great
where as... other company + cloud gaming = meh

pixelsword2390d ago

@ Darth:

it probably has something to do with timing

Sony's move was shown at least one year before the Wii had been heard of, but people weren't clamoring for it, but when the Wii came out, that waggle was then perceived as a good thing.

ftwrthtx2390d ago

How about unleashing complete remote play?

decimalator2390d ago

Cloud gaming to Vita would be awesome.

Did they actually promise "real" Remote Play? They showed it was possible, but a tech demo isn't a promise.

I'd settle for some good Vita games.

Sev2390d ago

They advertised it in launch videos. Granted they only showed Killzone 3, but still, not even that works. And they weren't saying "Remote Play with Killzone 3" they were saying "Remote Play".

doctorstrange2390d ago

Yeah, don't advertise what doesn't work. Probably borderline illegal.

ftwrthtx2390d ago

I want to know where my game pause is. That was one of the top features for me.

Lucreto2390d ago

Looking forward to E3. The conference is on at 2am here and I will stay up for it. Booked the day off work as well.

@Sev you seem to be a person in the know do you know how long Sony's conference will will be on for?

Sev2390d ago

The normally keep it to about an hour, hour and a half.

Lucreto2390d ago

Thanks I was hoping it would be 2 hours like 2009 and 2010.

I will be on the coffee to keep awake. :)

TheLyonKing2390d ago

I love watching these events and since sony is streaming theirs to the ps3 thats where I will watch it :D

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