New lovely Tomb Raider screenshots

24 new screenshots of Tomb Raider to prove that Square Enix is really aiming to make the best game of this generation.

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Thatguy-3102389d ago

i'll just wait until this game plays out. Not impressed graphically but I'm truly hoping they deliver on the campaign mode since Drake Deception didn't do it for me.

Nimblest-Assassin2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The uncharted franchise as a whole just made me love the genre in video games even more. I never played a Tomb Raider, but Im defiantly going to pick this up


I loved U3 a bit more than U2... but I think I understand where you are coming from since ND felt enormous pressure after U2 and the ridiculous amounts of critical and fan acclaim that they were not expecting. If you watch the documentary or any of the U3 teams interviews, you could sense a lot of worry and self doubt due to the standards people made after U2. For some they delivered (like me) and for some they fell short(like you). Hell I set a lot of standards since U2 was my favorite game on the Ps3 and i loved it dearly. I understand where you are coming from... but I think the pressure got to ND.

I think thats why the are hyping up TLOU themselves more than U3... because they are trying to assure that they are confident in building a game that will triumph over U2. Saying stuff like "we will change the f***ing industry" they want to make themselves confident and so the KNOW that they will top U3, rather than NOT SURE that they will do better than U2

But on topic I am looking forward to this new tomb raider since the original games really did not seem like my thing

S_C2388d ago

I love uncharted and this game is looking amazing from the gameplay trailer . looking forward to seeing more of it at E3

user54670072389d ago

Drakes Deceptions story was brillaint, it might not of had the character development like U2 since Elena, Cutter and Chole were basicaly ignored for most of the game but was still impressive, better then most stories in video games these days.

I think Tomb Raider will do well but they won't top the Uncharted franchise. Nathan Drake isn't going to let that crown go so easily

omi25p2389d ago

Drakes Deception story was shocking and filled with plot holes.

user54670072389d ago

Filled with plot holes...are you serious


You must be the part of the small amount of people who obviously have to have everything layed out in a story.

Amy Hennig has already adressed these "plotholes".

VanillaBear2389d ago

Why are people disagreeing with Mike, he's telling the truth Amy Henning explained everything on Twitter ages ago

She even said she felt she didn't want to explain everything in the game and thought gamers would be able to figure this stuff out themselfs.

I mean really...agreeing when someone like omi25p bullshits yet when someone tells the truth you have to disagree the guy to death

Is this because people hate Uncharted and are jealous it managed to become the game Tomb Raider should of been

F7U122389d ago

from a graphics standpoint this looks pretty bad but it's not all about graphics so...


starchild2389d ago

I disagree on both accounts. Drake's Deception was a fantastic game. I don't know how you can't be impressed graphically when this is easily one of the best looking games around.

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Spenok2389d ago

I still cant wait for this game. I have high hopes this game will bring the Tomb Raider franchise back into the big leagues.

Ser2389d ago

I totally forgot about this! Still really pumped for it. I want it to succeed so badly.

Dlacy13g2389d ago

Wait, aren't all these screenshots from last years demo they debuted at E3 2011? I mean, maybe I am wrong but these all look like they are taken directly from the onstage demo they did.

KrimsonKody2389d ago

(awakes from slumber)

Who, huh, wha-?
New Tomb Raider news? I almost forgot that game was in production.

Release date, please?

KrimsonKody2388d ago

Oh cool, thanks.

That's not too bad a wait. Although there will likely be 1 delay, potentially releasing summer next year.

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