List of E3 rumors and how much we believe them

GamesBeat: Just like every year, the week before E3 is when the Internet explodes with wish lists of what everyone wants to see at the show. It can get a little cluttered, but the good news is that we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest rumors for your convenience, along with their level of truthiness as of this writing (on an arbitrary scale of zero to three).

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Sadie21002359d ago

Truthiness: I hope the Wii U won't cost that much!

RockYou2359d ago

No mention of Earthbound 4? lol.

gamerben2358d ago

There's no way it will ever come out.

Spenok2359d ago

Talking about the Wii U price. I wouldn't put it past them to put someone in the range of a $400 price tag on it.

If you remember Reggie did say it would be higher than previous consoles. And that it would be a bit more than people expect. Not to mention it has to come with one of those tablet controllers right? So that can easily put the price a bit higher.