No More Gears of War 3 DLC

Rod Fergusson made a sad announcement on Twitter.

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Porkins4Life2389d ago

Out with the old and in with the new, I guess.

LoaMcLoa2389d ago


That's good news! I don't wanna pay more for the full experience

MidnytRain2389d ago

You kind of contradict yourself when you say that. If what you have now is the "full experience," then you're not missing out on anything. If any new DLC they released completed the full experience, then you never had it to begin with; thus (inferring from you) there is no full experience and there never will be.

Kingdom Come2389d ago

Anyone following Gears of War already knew this, the "Forces of Nature" Map Pack was the fourth and final DLC of the Season Pass. This is, however, along with the unveiling of the Next Gears of War, intriguing, as it would suggest the new game could potentially feature multiplayer. Being someone of who has been playing the franchise since the release date of the original and an obsessive gamer of the franchises multiplayer, I don't know how to react, I liked the amount of improvement and progression with each games multiplayer component, as the 2-3 year gap with each installment provided more time for innovation. Hopefully, if the game is to feature multiplayer it won't release too soon to the announcement. Anyway, bring it Epic, I can't wait! I love E3...

Brash_Attack2389d ago

Rod had been saying that just because Forces of Nature was the last DLC for the Season Pass doesn't mean it was to be the last DLC for the game. Then again, it did end up being the last.

SuicidalTendencies2389d ago

When do we see the GOTY edition?

supraking9512389d ago

makes sense, the multiplayer died down after 2 weeks. After people bought it and beat it, it wasn't really something to go back to. Im sure people went back to there Blops zombies and waited for MW3

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