Where Does Retro Go From Here?

Retro Studios has proven time and again that they are more than capable of making fantastic video games, especially those that appeal to a western audience. They are the creative minds behind the Metroid Prime series, as well as the remarkable Donkey Kong Country Returns. Although many rumours are swirling around the internet as to what game they are actually working on, it’s safe to assume that with it being Metroids 25th year anniversary in America; that they will be announcing something Metroid related at E3. The only question that remains is where does Retro take Samus from this point forward? Warning: contains story spoilers for the Metroid franchise.

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Titanz2387d ago

They haven't outdone Rare's output of titles when Nintendo owned the company during the N64 days, but their quality of software (Retro Studios) is easily comparable.

dark-hollow2386d ago

I think imo that retro is way more talented that RARE ever was.

metroid prime 1 on the gamecube still one of my favorite games of all time.

MacDonagh2387d ago

They can go wherever they like. If they can somehow banish the memory of Other M which they are very capable of doing judging by their output; fans and Nintendo alike would be very thankful about it.

LoaMcLoa2387d ago

C'mooon, Other M wasn't that bad...

Just a bit.. Ok, very silly

blu_yu_away2387d ago

Retro had nothing to do with Other M, at all. That was Team Ninja.

MacDonagh2386d ago

Oh yes. One cannot help but be very aware of how different the execution of the Metroid Prime series is compared to Team Ninja's effort on Other M. It was character assassination at it's finest and it's no wonder why Nintendo is so reluctant to allow another studio to develop their in-house franchises.

come_at_me_bro2387d ago

Duck Hunt. The future is now.

Machioto2387d ago

These broke cities skies like butane on my skin,stolen from my eyes,hello angels,where are you?where do we go from here?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2386d ago

MORE Metroid Prime(+ a little Other Mness) or do GC's cancelled RAVEN BLADE!