Carte Review - XMMORPG

Carte is the latest free to play MMORPG game from the hugely popular publishers over at GamesCampus. Carte occupies the unique genre of the Trading Card Game, featuring only a handful of online games such as Sword Girls Online and Urban Rivals. If you’re not familiar with the Trading Card Game genre, it works in a similar way to popular Collectible Card Games such as Yugioh and the world famous Pokemon. Players are tasked with collecting cards and constructing their own decks to battle against other players and computer controlled enemies. If this is your first time reading a XMMORPG initial review, our first one always focuses on the new player experience of a game, reviewing certain aspects such as tutorial, character creation, combat and quests. Now that’s out of the way, lets dive into the world of the Trading Card Game with this Carte Review.

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