BlankShowCast Episode 46 - If You Have a Vita, You Have No Friends

The regular gang is back together once again, and this time, they have a very special gue...

Well, no. That didn't actually play out as planned. We don't know what happened.

But, by golly, we had a show to do, and do a show we did done do! Holly had a bonfire, Tim tickled the 6-string, and Boots actually started Dragon Age: Origins!

Later, the gang talked about the fall of 38 Studios, Tim played this week's Game of Chance, and the trio discussed what they'd find an acceptable price point that would convince them to buy a PSVita.

In other news, it's a sad and cloudy day for the crew as the end of an era approaches.

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Snookies122239d ago

Actually since getting the Vita, I've found quite a few new friends on PSN thanks to it...

TBM2238d ago

Lol yea since buying mine I've added 8-10 new friends.

Rabidgummibear2239d ago

Awesome show awesome title :D

Weezer872238d ago

I have friends but I don't have a Vita, does this prove the point?