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Playstation 3 Will Be $199.99 Starting Tomorrow At Best Buy Canada, Resistance Free With PS Vita

Starting tomorrow at Best Buy Canada, the Playstation 3 160 GB console will be $199.99, $50 off. (PS Vita, PS3, Resistance: Burning Skies)

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MadMen  +   1184d ago
I will certainly pick one up but by all accounts just means a new sku is coming as usual ...

I would expect MS to make a 299 w kinect sku default as well
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abzdine  +   1184d ago
Man the machine is the same, a new SKU will still not be able to make pop corn or warm coffee up.. Go pick this one up and have fun.
MadMen  +   1184d ago
let me edit: I will be picking up my 2nd one.
supremacy  +   1184d ago
200 dollar ps3 at e3 anyone?
abzdine  +   1184d ago
They are revealing lots of games before E3, it could be that their conference will be about hardware cause this is way to much, much more than last year !
NastyLeftHook0  +   1184d ago
i hope so.
patriotZero  +   1184d ago
Price cut at e3!
miyamoto  +   1184d ago
yeah baby!
HyperBear  +   1184d ago
Hey guys, does anyone here have the PlayStation 3D display, and can let me know if it's good or not?

reason Im asking is because I'm just getting back into gaming again, and Costco in Canada has a PS3 bundle that includes: 160GB PS3, PlayStaion 3D Display, 2 games (Killzone 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse), one controller, one set of 3d glasses and one hdmi cable for $399.99, just wondering if its worth it to get this deal, or just buy the PS3 for $199.99 and hook it up to my flat screen?
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Zynga  +   1184d ago
If you don't mind sitting 3 to 4ft away from a tv. Then yeah why not and the display makes the game look so crisp and sharp. Very easy menu to setup and the 3D is sweet man. Plus that deal is a steal, so I say go for it but make sure you get a warranty on that tv. Just in case down the road it becomes faulty because a lot ppl are complaining about it even though I had mine for 4 months. Im not saying it will happen to you but you never know. The only thing it does is sometimes just sometimes is the screen would go blank for a second and then it comes back again. Other then that its a great tv.
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HyperBear  +   1184d ago
Okay Cool, Thanks Zynga! I'm going to wait till I get my new PC and new computer desk, and then see if I have enough desk space for it. But great to know it is a good display.
daggertoes83  +   1184d ago
Yea I really want one but ive heard of the problems its had too.
TrendyGamers  +   1184d ago
I don't have one, but people have mixed feelings and a lot of people have reported problems with it not working properly/breaking.
wenaldy  +   1184d ago
Now im going to buy my 3rd PS3 for my bathroom.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1184d ago
I have 3....but since they dropped from 5 to 2 activated system I have purchased nothing off PSN.
C0MPUT3R  +   1184d ago
$199? Steal.
You are insane if you do not get a PS3 now. No excuses.
LocutusEstBorg  +   1183d ago
A GPU for $199 will obliterate the PS3. It seems foolish to buy a PS3 now. The graphics are butt ugly and horribly low res.

I had no use for my PS3 after using it to play God of War, Killzone and MGS.
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Prcko  +   1184d ago
best deal eva!!!
best console!!!
F7U12  +   1184d ago
they disagree with you because they know it to be true.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1184d ago
I hope Sony announce a slimmer version too. 2012 will be a huge year for PS3.
himdeel  +   1184d ago
Paper thin PS3 incoming. PS3 Lite!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1184d ago
i wish
thrashermario  +   1184d ago
now bring that $199.99 PS3 to a walmart in el paso

E3 team Playstation
NastyLeftHook0  +   1184d ago
chukamachine  +   1184d ago
They will do their conference, and during the speech.

As from now. PS3 is $199.
DialgaMarine  +   1184d ago
I can see it now: Jack Tretton will walk out onto the stage, lean into the mic, and shortly & sweetly say 199.
Ninver  +   1184d ago
Commence operation mayhem.
BitbyDeath  +   1184d ago
Price drops are always good times to announce new consoles, just saiyan
wildcat  +   1183d ago
So long for the good old days.

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joeyisback  +   1183d ago
i say Sony should drop 160GB PS3 to 199.99 and show a 149.99 that is extra thin with 80GB that would be a big win for sony
izumo_lee  +   1183d ago
Is this a sign of things to come? The PS2 absolutely exploded when it reached this price point so who knows if that same can be applied to the PS3.

This years E3 is going to very interesting indeed.
josephayal  +   1183d ago
No love for the caribbean?
danthebios  +   1183d ago
wow,for real?!for those that dont have a ps3 let me say this 'it is time to feel the madness ooooh yeeaaaah'.
chukamachine  +   1183d ago
Were i sony.

250gb $199
120gb $149

Vita 2 free games.

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