Top 10: Things that will make Kane & Lynch 2 great

Videogamer writes:

"I can't remember a game causing as much controversy as Kane & Lynch where the issue wasn't the obscene content. At no time was the game going to be banned and it was never cited as a training tool for murderers or anything of that sort, yet the game made headlines for weeks. More important to gamers was the quality of the game, which didn't really live up to expectations.

With Eidos all but confirming a sequel after the publisher announced sales of over one million units, we thought we'd put together's Top 10: Things that will make Kane & Lynch 2 great."

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NiraTum3838d ago

not make the sequel lol!!

prowiew3838d ago

Since when this is a new trend?. Making top 10 lists!.

PS360WII3838d ago

Agreed with post 1.

The best way to make it great is by not making Kane & Lynch 2.

Kleptic3838d ago

agreed...if the demo was anything to go by...this game sucked it up big time...

The_Engineer3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

this game is actually good, it never presented itself as the next king of anything, just a visceral shooter with a pretty decent storyline. Anyone that went in expecting some landmark title was only fooling themselves.

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