What The Hell Is Nico Nico On the PlayStation Vita Anyway?

So what exactly is the Nico Nico app on the PlayStation Vita? We dive into the latest app for the powerful handheld and tell you all the details and if its worth your time to download.

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Snookies122387d ago

It sucks they took out a lot of features for the English version... At least with Japanese you can search for things. :\

I don't get what they were trying to accomplish exactly with this to be honest.

illegalprelude2387d ago

How do you like the app over all though?

Nitrowolf22386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

As someone who lives in the US, this app isn't really for me. It's great and works well, but I'm holding out for a Youtube app.

I guess if your someone who loves anime or Asia culture it would be for you more.

Though I am very interested in the stream live feature.

sonyrumors2387d ago

Hey Snookies12, we'd love it if you shared your comment on the site with us!

krontaar2386d ago

How do you not know what niconico is.

sonic9892386d ago

haahaaa simple minded people who think america = the world
the app is great its soo popular in japan i used to use it on pc but the vita app is faster

YxUxNO2386d ago

You're so cool, regurgitating the same "American =/= The World" line that we see so often. I'm quite sure everyone here knows that A =/= W, but not everyone knows what the hell nico nico is because it doesn't get exposure everywhere. Hopefully this app will get it noticed.

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